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Why rent an office at Campus X: hear from the community

Seeking a high-class and ready-to-move-in office space to rent in Sofia, Bulgaria?

Campus X offers much more than beautiful and fully serviced workspaces (check our new real-life office search) in Sofia’s buzzing tech district.

We provide everything companies need for success under one roof. And we take pride in our tight-knit community of innovators, who make a global impact and help each other grow.

But don’t take our word for it. We asked our members why they joined us. Let’s find out.

People working at Campus X's flexible private offices
Private workspace at the flexible office hub Campus X, Sofia

Flexible offices with space to grow

When we were considering our workspace options, we looked through regular office spaces as compared to the Campus X offering.

The Campus provides us with maximum flexibility in terms of growth – the office solutions are fully tailored to our evolving demands – whether we need to hire 50 or 150 new employees,” comments Slavi Slavov, VP Delivery at our member company AIOPSGROUP, who managed to grow their team to 50+ people after just six months of operation.

The pandemic exposed a key challenge for many businesses– traditional long lease workspace commitments don’t consider their evolving demands (etc. the need to scale up or down their teams without serious cost implications). As a result, many organizations remain stuck in unfavorable contracts for years and are thus unable to streamline their expenses and adapt to the changing work environment.

That’s why we provide flexible customized office contracts - ranging from just a few days to three years. The best part is that our modular private offices can be transformed along with companies’ changing needs. Thus, our members can easily add space and scale their teams, while optimizing their budgets.

As Hristiana Hadjilarska, Human Resources Business Partner at the Dutch company bunq, which set up its first office in Bulgaria at the Campus, comments:

“Campus X really gave us the flexibility we were looking for in terms of more than a great office space but also a powerful community and end-to-end services that enabled us to not only set up our first international office but also grow and scale up fast.”

Enterprise-grade office services (all in your plan)

When choosing an office space, it’s important to consider the scope and quality of services.

Campus X’s plan includes lightning-fast Internet, enterprise-grade IT and Facility services and support, all utilities and cleaning services, redundant power, and water supply, unlimited access to meeting rooms and phone booths, inspiring common spaces, fully stocked kitchens, complimentary drinks, rigorous safety measures, and much more.

And uninterrupted services are key to keep businesses up and running. Andrew Andreev, Engineering Lead at our member company OfficeRnD explains why IT redundancy is important to his work:

“It's extremely important for us to have access to all critical systems 24/7 hence maintaining continuity of IT services at our workplace is something we can barely live without. Most of our colleagues (all departments actually) depend on IT services in order to do their work.

Having a service become unavailable means stopping important company activities and processes.”
“We have used different office providers in the past but none of them comes close to the security and reliability provided by Campus X and its team. Personally, I can say that watching the whole neighborhood blackout and you still being able to finish your work is a great advantage.,” he adds.

Add-on benefits and leading partners

Whatever our members need, we deliver it. We’re a trusted partner every step on the way, offering add-on office services like certification assistance, site-to-site VPN, server room colocation, infrastructure management, IT consultancy, customized office design, professional car services, and others.

Furthermore, for legal, finance, HR, talent, and upskilling, we partner with the industry leaders – PwC, BICA Services, and Telerik Academy, so that our members have access to premium expertise onsite.

When asked why they joined our community, the Founder and CTO of Tick 42, Stoyan Damov, replied:

“Campus X’s ecosystem of like-minded tech entrepreneurs is amazing. The proximity to Telerik Academy, one of our main sources of talent, is another gravitational pull for us. Lastly, of course, the quality of the office space cannot be overstated.”

Powerful community of fellow innovators

Let’s face it: achieving your goals is easier when you’re part of a supportive network. We take pride in Campus X’s tight-knit community, where like-minded professionals share common values, know-how and help each other grow.

“Joining the vibrant community of Campus X opened a door to many new opportunities and successful collaborations for us."

"It's no secret that some of the most inspiring and promising companies are building their products and services at Campus X. We just knew that we should join too,” says Radoslav Georgiev, Co-Founder, and CTO at Gtmhub, a successful Bulgarian scaleup, which has recently raised $30M Series B financing round.

Campus X, Sofia - beautiful workspaces and common areas
Campus X, Sofia - beautiful workspaces and common areas

Our members are carefully selected to carry common values and virtues. They are open to sharing knowledge and experience and willing to help each other on the way to exponential success.

As Stephanie Dimitrova, the Marketing Manager of Pollenity puts it:

“A startup needs a great team, but also great mentors. We’re lucky that most of our mentors are concentrated in Campus X, so joining was an easy decision.”

She adds: “It’s very beneficial to have a community of like-minded teams and individuals gathered together. The creative energy is something that I personally feel every time I go to the Campus.”

Ready to join us?

Take a look at our workspaces and join our amazing community. We’ll be happy to welcome you and achieve major milestones together.


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