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Startup Europe Week Sofia 2020
Thu, Mar 19
Campus X Event Center
Mar 19, 3:30 PM – Mar 20, 9:00 PM
Campus X Event Center, 30 Krastyo Rakovski Str, 1729 Sofia, Bulgaria
The 2020 edition of Startup Europe Week - Sofia will take place at Campus X. Since 2016, Startup Europe Week - Sofia has been the scene for more than 50 speakers, including entrepreneurs, representatives of private and public entrepreneurship support programs, ministers, and investors.
The Art of Slicing User Stories to the Optimal Size
Mon, Mar 09
Campus X Event Center
Mar 09, 7:30 PM – 8:40 PM
Campus X Event Center, 30 Krastyo Rakovski Str, 1729 Sofia, Bulgaria
Delivering valuable software at a constant pace is not an easy task. Building trust between businesses and software teams is no easier. This lecture will give you a set of easily applicable techniques that will bring you closer to achieving these goals.
Impactful Communication
Tue, Mar 10
Campus X, Community Green Hall
Mar 10, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Campus X, Community Green Hall, Aleksandar Malinov Boulevard 31, 1729 g.k. Mladost 1A, Sofia, Bulgaria
Impactful communication is one of the key prerequisites for professional and personal success. Join this open event to learn how you can make an impact through communication with your colleagues, customers, and superiors.

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Dare to Scale vol.5 with guest speaker Peter Mitev, CEO and Co-Founder, Chaos Group
Transform Your Mindset and Change will Follow
Angular Sofia Boot Camp
Vue.js Beginners Workshop with Dobromir Hristov Lead Front End Developer, Hypefactors
Introduction to Cloud Architectures
Questups 1.1: Startup Profiling with Guest mentor: Svetozar Georgiev Co-Founder of Campus X & Telerik Academy
Venture trends in AI, a Q&A session
PR Strategies for New Market Entry
Are technology skills your super power or Achilles heel?
From 2D to Stereoscopic 3D Business Applications in AR & VR
How to Win Big Enterprise Clients
Exponential Transformation: a Q&A session
Build and Improve Your Social Media Strategy in 2019
Web Components Workshop
LinkedIn’s Approach to Launching New Products: Case Study on LinkedIn Groups
Leadership and Building Teams: The Art and Science
Workshop: Essentials in Reactive Programming with RxJS with Michael Hladky Google Developer Expert
Demystifying Blockchain with Eoin Woods, CTO, Endava
Venture Capital 101 with Speedinvest and Felix Faltin, Head of Strategic Projects
Flying to the Limit with Nikolay Kalaydzhiev, Pilot
Creating a Focused Product Culture
Angular Sofia Bootcamp
Using Social Media to Scale up Sales in 180+ Countries
Startup Europe Week Sofia 2020
Statistical Arbitration
The Art of Slicing User Stories to the Optimal Size
IT Sales Evening
Staying on Top of Stress: Tips and Tools
Product Business: Life on the Edge between Clients and Innovations
Angular - What We Missed in 8 and How to Prepare for 9
Effective Debugging
Prototyping with Wolfram and Mathematica - Introduction
How to Make Our Teams Productive with the Help of Play
Kubernetes & CNCF Meetup January
How to Create a Highly Efficient Team
Dreamforce 2019 Global Gathering
QA Metrics - How to Master Them?
Series A Academy by LAUNCHub Ventures
Visualization for ML
Successful Implementation of New Processes
The Tech Entrepreneur's Dilemma: Product vs Service Company
JVM Beyond Java
Master Class: Business Leadership with Jamie Williams
The ABC of Leading and Building Teams
Health Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs: Creating the Optimal Diet
Why I Left My Stable Corporate Job to Bootstrap a Start-up?
Mobile Automation with Appium – Practical Tips & Tricks
Mathematical Optimization for the Container Shipping Industry
Health Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs: Correcting Bad Posture
The World Needs Privacy Preserving AI
How to Achieve Abstraction with Reflection
Building Multiple Revenue Channels in a Marketplace Product
Startup Funding in Sofia: How to Raise Money for Your Idea
Hindsight Lessons about Automation
Proper Quality Management - Why Does It Matter?
How to Build a Media Company in the Google/Facebook Duopoly?
Nutrition and Diet Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs
Fundraising Expectations vs Reality – 5 Battle Lessons to Get it
Multithreading: Making Big Data Fast
Performance Testing: From Test Plan to Results
Smart Startups Use Analyst Relations for Growth Hacking
Maximizing LTV with Holistic Customer Engagement
Doing Business in Southeast Asia
Architectures for Analyzing Big Data
From Expert to Manager: Survival Guide
Better Legal Framework for Startups in BG? BESCO Leads the Way
Great Idea! But You Will Fail in 6 months’ Time. A Story of Success.
HTTPClient API in Java 11 – http/2 and Reactive Streams
1% for the Planet - the Responsible Business Model
Risk-Based Testing – Theory and Practice
Repeatability and Reproducibility of ML Research
Product Owner: Myths and Facts You Need to Know
Legendary Entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman Exclusively at Campus X: Entrepreneurship as a Career Choice
Process & Culture over Results Means You Stay in Your Comfort Zone
A Guide to Microservice Architecture with Kafka
Productionizing Technology: When the Tech Precedes the Product
Integrate QA without Slowing Down Release Cycles
From Deck to Deal

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