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Our members are startups, scale-ups and established organizations with the aspirations and potential for exponential success.

They are the secret to our thriving ecosystem. Like-minded individuals and businesses who carry and operate by the right values and virtues and are always eager to learn, connect, share and give back to the community. 


Telerik Academy connects Bulgarian talent, organizations and training resources to advance personal development, professional careers and grow our partners’ businesses.


Telerik Academy School is the biggest private tech-ed initiative for kids in Bulgaria. Their mission is to provide equal access to free modern tech education to 3rd-12th graders.


Eleven Ventures is one of the leading early-stage VCs in Bulgaria and in the SEE region, investing in startups since 2012.

American_Eagle_Logo.png is a web design, development, and digital marketing agency with a passionate belief in the power of technology to positively transform business practices. 


Amplify Analytix is data science for a business company that specializes in data analysis primarily in the field of marketing, sales, and management consulting.


ARXUM® offers advanced infrastructure and versatile middleware that reduces the complexity of connecting existing IT systems with blockchain-based business logic.


A Test automation services company, building and executing test automation strategy with our open-source framework for Java, C#, JavaScript.


AMFG is a fast growing software product company in industrial 3D printing. It offers a complete, end-to-end workflow automation solution for AM operations.


Beetroot is a Nordic tech ecosystem that builds dedicated teams and software solutions that create an impact – for businesses and the world.


B&O is world renowned for its distinctive range of luxury products that combine beautiful sound, timeless design, and unrivalled craftsmanship.


Our consulting competencies comprehensively understand the business and its processes and bring about high-quality BI solutions.


Black Peak Technologies is a next-generation arising tech company specialized in digital, data & infrastructure solutions, built by and expanded with trusted professionals.


Brave Bison is an award-winning commerce, performance marketing and social media and influencer marketing company built for the new era.


Shifting the paradigm of what banking can be. Value to users, business model, product experience, stability and safety for society at large.


We untangle e-commerce platforms. Design, development, testing, and managed services on the Salesforce & Commercetools ecosystems. 


CloudStrap builds products that help companies deliver apps and machine learning solutions in a fast, automated & repeatable way.


Cloud Office is a Google Cloud partner for CEE with expertise in Workspace Transformation, Google Cloud Compute and Google Cloud Productivity.


The shortest way to all of your colleagues - HR, Done easier with AI.


Cognizant helps companies modernize technology, reimagine processes and transform experiences so they stay ahead in a fast-changing world.

CoTransition blue logo

CoTransition is an agile coaching and consulting agency that helps  organizations to embrace the future of work and deliver great software.


1Crew offers automation solutions and consultancy services in testing, DevOps, Performance audit, RPA and ModelOps.


Cubby's mission is to empower self-storage operators to grow their independent and family-owned businesses using the latest technologies.

Cupffee logo

Cupffee is the world's first edible coffee cup designed to provide a green solution to global waste and transform your coffee experience.

deaf.bg_logo.png provides opportunities for building skills and knowledge for deaf people in Bulgaria to enable their full access to public life.


DevOps At Work helps you with: managing your infrastructure, security, cloud architecture, developing and improving CI/CD processes.


DIGITAL Daskalo specializes on digital transformation of schools and helps them look and live adequately in the digital world.


Digital Lights is a software development company enlightening innovations in the area of Mobility, Enterprise & Space technology solutions.


A leading financial services provider specialising in reporting, accounting and compliance services to the global financial services sector.


DRONAMICS are developing a new type of cargo airplane – small, unmanned and extremely fuel efficient.

Easy Exhibit_logo.jpg

Easy Exhibit is a B2B marketing consulting agency that helps marketing directors of industry contenders punch above their weight at their trade show arena.


EurA helps innovators to identify the right European, national or private funding opportunity at every development stage and advises them on the application process.


Entrepreneurs in class – light the spark’ brings inspiration and an entrepreneurial mindset to pupils by sharing real-life stories.


FindMeCure helps you find suitable clinical trials within few clicks and supports you through the application process.


Generative Mindset ILC delivers exclusive coaching services for peak performers.


FLLCasts is an eLearning platform for robotics competitions, helping teams with creative ideas they can use in their solutions.


The leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application.


Healee brings doctors and patients together. With Healee, doctors can build a virtual practice, and patients can get medical advice anywhere, anytime.


Icanpreneur is the first Accelerator-as-a-Software that guides tech entrepreneurs and product managers from idea to product-market fit without relying on luck.

increda_logo.png is a platform for accelerating the development of the Bulgarian entrepreneurial ecosystem and strengthening the entrepreneurial culture.


A global IT company with more than 30 years of experience in providing IT services to customers in more than 40 countries around the world.


Ingotify is a brand strategy and positioning consultancy that helps entrepreneurs with a tech background increase their business competitive differentiation.

interop.io_logo.png is a fintech company aiming to deliver the best in application integration, user experience, and smart, automated workflows.


Intershop is an e-commerce platform that gives leading manufacturers and wholesalers the power to digitalize, transform and boost their business.


La Koketa is an iOS app that solves the "What to wear" problem by giving outfit ideas based on user preferences thanks to its unique matching algorithm.


MSB is a platform that allows users to build a functional website and a mobile app from their mobile device without any software development skills.


AI/ML specialist consultancy dedicated to assisting clients across diverse industries in properly implementing AI solutions and their safety.


Since 2006, OddStorm Company has specialized in software development for web scanning, data processing and delivering.  

Dark BLUE.png

PhoneArena is a media-powered platform that allows users to explore and indulge in mobile tech content


Coworking software helping workspaces deliver better experiences to their customers, more power to their brand, and sustainable growth to their businesses.


Podarete Kniga (NGO) is a network of volunteers working to build long-lasting friendships with children in foster care and provide mentorship.


PUSHR CDN is a content delivery network with a focus on global video and live media delivery via 28 points of presence on 5 continents.


RM-Galaxy provides services for engineering companies involved into the civil, industrial or infrastructure construction. It plans, designs, and draws structural engineering plans with CAD software. 


No-code admin panel for easy database management tailored for non-technical

backoffice users.


ROIMonks is the growth consultant you want for your digital project. Exceeding your expectations with business expertise, quality and transparency.


SavvyTribe's tailored software solutions drive business growth. Specializing in Software Development, DevSecOps & Automated Testing.


ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing solutions combine human & artificial intelligence to process and label data at enterprise-level quality and scale.


seneos is an international engineering company for embedded software development in the automotive, railway and automation industry.


Sentur is a digital mental health company building the first comprehensive & integrated trauma care platform.


ServiceDesignDigital is for purpose driven, progressive companies that
deliver quality experiences, boosting business and social performance.


Understand, analyze and optimize your customers’ digital experience. See what happened to your users to help drive product adoption, UX, and customer retention.

short.io_logo.png is an URL shortening service used to create shorter and more manageable links for sharing.

Solveva Logo.png

Solveva is a provider of innovative solutions and models to valuate risks for commercial insurance companies.


Sourcelab is a hub for software craftsmanship. It delivers projects, builds products (HR & InfoSec), and grow people in its academy.


Storytel is a subscription streaming service for audiobooks and e-books with a presence in more than 25 markets worldwide, over 5,000 titles in Bulgarian and more than 500,000 - in English. 


TechPods is a technology co-sourcing company that offers a fully transparent model enabling companies to scale quicker, while mitigating risk and reducing costs.


TokWise supports renewable players becoming active market participants with AI-powered SaaS to optimize trading decisions and manage efficiently renewable portfolio.


Unblu is helping the world's leading banks and insurance companies to improve customer experience and boost transactions.


ValueMe supports the effective use of smart digital practices in education, training and business, developing tailored training programs, projects and activities to fill gaps.


VertoDigital is a digital marketing consultancy firm covering the main digital marketing disciplines: digital analytics, digital advertising and organic visibility.


Vladster creates software that manages sales, purchases, invoicing and inventory for restaurants, bars, stores and hotels.


Wolfpack Sofia creates B2C and B2B commerce shops, implements CRM solutions as well as their own omnichannel retail platform (ORP).


Viva Wallet is a leading European cloud-based neobank with presence in 24 markets, aiming to change the way businesses pay and get paid.

Our Trusted Partners


PwC is present in Bulgaria since 1992 and has long been advising companies on how to establish their business in our country. At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems.


The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. It creates friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and other countries.


Honu Hawaiian BBQ & Pokè is the first Hawaiian restaurant in Bulgaria introducing the authentic Hawaiian pokè bowls and other delicious meals from the Islands.

Hear from the community


Since we founded OfficeR&D we've been through many work spaces, not to mention the hundreds we visited while developing our platform. Campus X is not just one of the best in our region but probably around the globe. It offers a high-quality office space, access to a great community full of mentors and talent, and an outstanding team that is taking care of all office matters for us. It really is a good spot for high-growth tech startups.

Miroslav Miroslavov, CEO

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