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AIOPSGROUP: Unlocking their clients' full potential

The Campus X members are our biggest inspiration – they constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible and drive innovation within their sectors. Today we meet Slavi Slavov, VP Delivery at AIOPSGROUP, who tells us about his company’s journey to success and what moves them forward.

Great ideas turn into reality

“There was this breakthrough moment when we realized that our ideas for building e-commerce and big data solutions have a lot more potential than what we were able to realize in the past, so we decided to start a new business and fully unleash it,” shares Slavi while thinking back on the moment he and his team launched AIOPSGROUP.

A big part of the AIOPSGROUP’s team has been working together before. After deciding to start their own company, they managed to scale quickly thanks to their hard work, excellent reputation among customers, as well as personal connections.

“We did it entirely self-funded and managed to grow the team to 50+ people after just six months of operation.”

You need to love what you do

“I’ve been in the software and consulting business for the past 20+ years and still love what I’m doing,” explains Slavi.

He has changed roles every four to five years, moving between testing, development, management, and consulting to learn diverse skills, which help him in his leadership role now.

“At AIOPSGROUP, I’m currently driving the professional and consulting services, and supporting the sales team. But I’m also a ‘boy for everything’,” as he likes to tell his team.

Slavi doesn’t mind helping with all kinds of tasks that need to be done – from setting up someone’s laptop to bringing coffee to an interviewee.

“I like to unblock people to better do their job and grow in their career. Many of the people I have hired back in the days as junior to mid-level professionals are now at high-level management positions such as a director or vice president.

That’s what makes me really happy to know I was part of their growth and hope that I helped them go in that direction.”

Helping clients to succeed

AIOPSGROUP’s mission is to help their customers build and optimize their e-commerce solution. Whether it’s Salesforce, Magento, Episerver, or custom technology, the company’s team is there to help.

“Our goal is to help our clients overachieve their business goals. What makes us different is innovation, optimization of work, and the fact we are not looking at customers as a 'billing sheet' but we genuinely want to help them.

Often, we invest our time for free just to support their growth and help them mature as an e-commerce business. This in the long run is paying back as relations and future business,” Slavi comments.

The secret to AIOPSGROUP’s rapid growth

When asked what’s the secret to the company’s fast-forward growth in the recent months, Slavi replies:

“Not letting customers fail. You and the customer are one team, if they fail for whatever reason then you fail. Therefore, building long-lasting customer relationships is key for success.”

He adds that a big part of their business comes from referrals from current customers.

“I’m glad to share that we recently pitched for a client project and we did not have to wonder who we can use as a reference and who will tell good or bad stuff about us. We had the luxury to be able to put any of our clients as a reference since we really care about delivering our best work to solve their challenges.

So, having this “all-in” approach combined with good sales is priceless. That’s what brought us customers such as IKEA, Rossignol, and some well-known brands in the fashion industry.”

Happy to be part of Campus X

Slavi tells me that they’re happy with their choice to join the Campus X community.

“When we were considering our options, we looked through regular workspaces as compared to the Campus X offering.

The Campus provides us with maximum flexibility in terms of growth – the solutions are fully tailored to our evolving demands – whether we need to hire 50 or 150 new employees.

Furthermore, by joining Campus X, we had the chance to become part of a powerful community – a friendly environment, where we can meet new people and get access to great business opportunities.”

Slavi adds that this has led to newly formed collaborations with other companies in the Campus like

“We started working with back in the summer and this was one of the fastest deals we’ve ever had.

We delivered a new Salesforce Solution for them for their newest Salesforce B2B product. It allows's subsidiary Hawksearch to integrate with the latest and greatest Salesforce products. Now we are looking to expand this partnership around other Salesforce solutions.”

What’s next for AIOPSGROUP?

“We are considering starting a couple more businesses over 2021 and one of them is indeed our own online store. It’s something we are best in so it’s time for such a challenge,” as Slavi reveals.

“As far as current activities are concerned, we expect the team to grow from 70 to about 110 -120 people not counting the new business initiatives.”

Want to join Campus X’s amazing community of leading companies and individual professionals? Get in touch now.


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