Why design makes a difference in your office space?

Did you know that workspace design can tremendously boost employee productivity? Research states that thoughtful office design can facilitate comfort and creativity while increasing people’s ability to do focused work.

Beautifully designed private office at Campus X, Sofia
Beautifully designed private office at Campus X, Sofia

At Campus X, it’s our goal to create a carefully designed workspace environment to suit the needs of the dynamic workforce and keep our coworking community members happy, while attracting new talent to our beautiful offices. Let’s explore some of the design elements, which help us achieve that.

Plenty of natural light

“Lighting was found to be the main factor, which impacts on the daily and general productivity of employees in workplaces,” according to recent workspace design research.

We know how powerful lightning can be for teams’ productivity and have designed our common and office spaces with that in mind.

There’re lots of big transparent glass windows across the Campus.

The windows allow natural light into the workspaces and shared areas while inspiring a feeling of freedom and transparency as opposed to the traditional closed office environment.

Moreover, this fully reflects our and our coworking community’s values and the way we collaborate and share know-how – in a fully open and transparent way.

Spacious common spaces and transparent office windows
Spacious spaces and big and transparent office windows

A feeling of freedom and creativity