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Why design makes a difference in your office space?

Did you know that workspace design can tremendously boost employee productivity? Research states that thoughtful office design can facilitate comfort and creativity while increasing people’s ability to do focused work.

Beautifully designed private office at Campus X, Sofia
Beautifully designed private office at Campus X, Sofia

At Campus X, it’s our goal to create a carefully designed workspace environment to suit the needs of the dynamic workforce and keep our coworking community members happy, while attracting new talent to our beautiful offices. Let’s explore some of the design elements, which help us achieve that.

Plenty of natural light

“Lighting was found to be the main factor, which impacts on the daily and general productivity of employees in workplaces,” according to recent workspace design research.

We know how powerful lightning can be for teams’ productivity and have designed our common and office spaces with that in mind.

There’re lots of big transparent glass windows across the Campus.

The windows allow natural light into the workspaces and shared areas while inspiring a feeling of freedom and transparency as opposed to the traditional closed office environment.

Moreover, this fully reflects our and our coworking community’s values and the way we collaborate and share know-how – in a fully open and transparent way.

Spacious common spaces and transparent office windows
Spacious spaces and big and transparent office windows

A feeling of freedom and creativity

Campus X’s interior design represents the modernist industrial style.

At the heart of our interior design lies the idea of openness, freedom, and creativity.

That’s why we have wide atriums and beautiful common areas, where our community recharges and collaborates surrounded by lots of bright colors and geometric shapes.

Our newly revamped rooftop terrace is also colorful and playful. Moreover, we’ve placed plenty of greenery there, which is also proven to promote health and make workers more productive.

Campus X's coworking community enjoys the terrace
Our coworking community enjoys the Campus X terrace

Striking the right balance

Campus X’s design combines warmer home-like elements like wooden furniture and cozy carpets with “colder” and typical for offices materials like concrete and metal to strike a balance between the two worlds.

So that our coworking members can enjoy the home-inspired vibes and relax but also dive into the modern office atmosphere and get down to work.

Private office at Campus X, Sofia
Private office at Campus X, Sofia

Art in the workspace

Dozens of studies have proven the numerous benefits of displaying thoughtfully chosen art in the workspace. It can elevate employee’s mood, well-being, and performance at work while stimulating interpersonal bonds between people.

Furthermore, art has can communicate messages that inspire and provoke thoughts among workers and office guests. If used right, this can be a powerful tool to create a positive and productive vibe in the workspace.

Art in the workspace increases well-being
Art in the workspace increases well-being

Creating custom office experience

At the Campus, we value the uniqueness of our member companies. Therefore, we’ve introduced on-demand Custom Office Design services, which help companies build a tailor-made office, a special meeting room, or a cozy break-out zone, just the way they envision it.

Campus X’s design experts manage everything from start to finish. Taking the time to understand the businesses’ unique needs, showing their visions in a realistic format, and making it happen by delivering a beautiful design.

Custom office design at Camus X, Sofia
Custom office design at Camus X, Sofia

“We love having a partner that evolves along with our team’s needs - we used Campus X interior design services to create a relaxation area in our new office.
The results - great place for small talks and productive collaboration,” shares Zoran Arsovski, CEO of VertoDigital, who used our design services.

Want to join a great coworking community and thrive in a beautifully designed flexible office space? Explore our offices and try us for free now.


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