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We operate to the highest standards and stop at nothing to meet and exceed our members and customers expectations.


IT Services

Custom IT services that help you streamline and enhance business processes. From VPN access, private VLAN and SSID, to complex on-premises and cloud solutions and much more. We will provide expert consulting services and best-in-class infrastructure. Fast.


Custom Office Design 

You dream it. We deliver. Our seasoned design specialists will build a beautiful custom office to reflect your unique culture. Using their expertise to meet and exceed your expectations and create the inspiring workspace you need.


HR Services

With 10+ years of track record hiring, growing, and retaining IT teams, as well as building R&D centers from scratch, Bica will provide you with or help you find the right senior talent and streamline your HR processes. Their team is conveniently located at Campus X. 


QA and Test Automation

Learn how to improve your quality assurance with Automate The Planet. The company will provide consulting, mentoring, and professional services to improve your test automation and QA from tooling, infrastructure, educational, and organizational perspectives.


Facility Management

Within Campus X, we will create a workspace tailored to your needs. One that reflects your company’s culture, boosts productivity and nurtures employee engagement. Transformations happen quickly and with no disruption to your business operations.  


Professional Assistants

Experienced professionals will save you and your staff time and money when maintaining company and personal vehicles. Benefit from established car service providers and considerable discounts within our partner network.


Finance and Legal

A dedicated team from PwC at your fingertips. Their audit and assurance, tax, and consulting services will help you resolve complex issues and identify opportunities where others may only see challenges. Regular open hours for Campus X members, every Tuesday and Thursday between 8:30 am and 10 am.

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Office Relocation

Moving to a new office at Campus X? We manage the entire process to ensure that you and your team relocate in a smooth, stress-free, and efficient way. Keeping your business up and running and minimizing any downtime and disruption.


Talent and Upskilling

Telerik Academy grooms master juniors who are loyal, avid learners and ready to start delivering within days, and helps companies upskill their workforce. Find the top tech talent you need to grow. Future-proof your business by getting your employees ready for the demands of tomorrow.


Digital Marketing

Leverage VertoDigitals digital marketing services covering Organic Visibility (SEO), Analytics, and Advertising. Benefit from ROImonks’  end-to-end growth marketing services - from Marketing Strategy to Product Positioning and UX.

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