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At Campus X our members are our inspiration. Our number one priority. Long ago we learnt that building a cohesive, collaborative and supportive community is the only sure key to a large-scale success. Everyday we’re augmenting and growing our thriving ecosystem. Meet the minds behind our unicorn factory.

Boyko Iaramov, Co-founder of Campus X

Boyko Iaramov


Svetozar Georgiev, Co-founder of Campus X

Svetozar Georgiev


Vassil Terziev, Co-founder of Campus X

Vassil Terziev


Nikolay Bonev, CEO at Campus X

Nikolay Bonev


Vladimir Lalov, Manager Operations and Business Development at Campus X

Vladimir Lalov

Manager Operations and Business Development

Neyko Belomachev, Facility Director at Campus X

Neyko Belomachev

Facility Director

Sergei Biliarski, IT Director at Campus X

Sergei Biliarski

IT Director

Yordan Bogev, Finance Business Partner at Campus X

Yordan Bogev

Finance Business Partner

Silvia Shangova, Accounting and Operations Manager at Campus X

Silvia Shangova

Accounting and Operations Manager

Asen Malev, Professional Assistants Manager at Campus X

Asen Malev

Professional Assistants Manager

Maya Staneva, Creative Lead at Campus X

Maya Staneva

Creative Lead

Adrian Karashanov, IT Support Officer at Campus X

Adrian Karashanov

IT Support Officer


Alexandra Nedeva

Community Specialist

Kaloyan Milanov, Professional Assistant at Campus X

Kaloyan Milanov

Professional Assistant


Iliya Borisov

Facility Specialist

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