Serviced Offices

Serviced offices providing maximum safety and full flexibility. Enjoy the benefits of a vibrant community, world-class services, and all-inclusive amenities with tailored month-to-month plans.

Private Office

Workstations starting at €150/month

Be a crucial member of the Campus X community, while enjoying the safety, comfort, and privacy of your own office space. Ideal for both small and big teams.

Accelerate your success and take advantage of exceptional services that eliminate the burden of property management and guarantee your business is always up and running. Everything included in your plan with no extra fees. 

Shared Office

Desks starting at €50/5 days

or from €169/month

Work alongside some of the smartest people you'll ever meet in a safe and inspiring environment with flexible terms. Perfect for individuals and small startups.

Access our vibrant community and a wider network of mentors, investors, and industry experts. Take advantage of our great professional services and amenities, and carefully curated events. Need to expand? Simply add more desks or get an office of your own.

Flex Drop-In 
during COVID-19  

Desk for just €10.50/day

Flexibility and support are crucial in times of crisis. We are here to ensure you stay productive, safe, and operational during COVID-19 and the following transitional period. Tech or Non-Tech. Business or Individual.

Get a desk for a day or more. Work undisrupted in a serviced office with 100% focus on your safety and seamless IT infrastructure. Tailored to your needs right now. No long term commitments.

Virtual Office

From just €40.00/month

Establish a reputable business presence virtually from anywhere. Elevate your company’s image by joining Bulgaria’s leading ecosystem for companies accelerating on their path to success.

Work from anywhere, while enjoying the convenience of our mail handling services and holding your key meetings in ready-to-go meeting rooms designed to impress. Coupled with access to an exquisite kitchen with complimentary refreshments. Helping you win clients and close deals with partners and investors.


The safety and flexibility of your business are our #1 priority. We have reimagined processes and introduced high-level security measures to power your success and keep your employees safe and productive in the new normal.


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