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Find your perfect office with Campus X’s new real-time search

Finding the ideal private office just got easier. To save you time and make the process smoother, more transparent, and put you in full control of your search criteria, we’ve introduced a brand-new search tool.

You can now explore our workspaces in real-time and download a live quote with pricing and the scope of services you'll benefit from.

How it works

The filter tools allow you to select the parameters you're looking for - capacity per office, floor, monthly price per person, availability, and commitment type. Thus, you can see what's available in our Campus in real-time.

After exploring our offices, you can download a quote with pricing and details about the scope of services you’ll receive.

When it comes to contracts, we offer extremely flexible options to suit your unique needs. From month-to-month contracts to termed contracts with longer horizons and special discounts.

Flexible workspaces to suit your demands

Campus X’s move-in-ready and flexible workspaces are ideal for teams of up to 45 people per office.

You can start working from the get-go and benefit from a fully equipped office (with a personal desk, ergonomic chair, storage cabinet) or use your own furniture if that suits you better (both options include ready-to-use elements like whiteboards, infrastructure, access control, etc.).

Also, our membership plans are crafted with full flexibility in mind.

You can opt for a month-to-month plan, which can be terminated at any time with just a month’s notice.

The longer the engagement, the higher discount we can provide.

Please feel free to use our real-time search and download a quote for any of our private offices to obtain more information on the terms and conditions, under the pricing section.

Not finding what you look for in the search or it’s currently unavailable? We’ll be happy to deliver a custom solution.

Contact us at and we’ll discuss options for both expanding and/or merging available offices or how our modular workspace can be partitioned to meet your unique needs.

All you need to power your success

We provide you with much more than a beautiful move-in-ready office. At Campus X, we take care of all the hassle, so that you can focus on your business.

Our end-to-end plans offer 24/7 secured member access, coverage of all utilities and free refreshments, redundant fiber Internet, outstanding IT and Facility services, unlimited access to meeting rooms and phone booths, redundant water and power supply, and much more.

Moreover, we provide unparalleled safety measures during COVID-19 and you’ll have access to our powerful community of 50+ leading companies and professionals, who help each other on the way to global success.

To deliver a true end-to-end experience, we also have various add-on services you can benefit from.

They include but are not limited to server room colocation, site-to-site, and client VPN, IT advisory, certification (e.g. ISO) support, tailor-made office design, professional car services, and others. Learn more.

Ready to join us and enjoy all the benefits of being a Campus X member? Take a look at our private offices.


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