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OfficeRnD: How the right coworking space supports business growth? (Interview)

Coworking ecosystems offer businesses a chance to collaborate and grow together. At Campus X, it’s our mission to provide all elements for businesses’ success under one roof – community, hub, capital, and leading talent. It’s much more than a physical space - knowledge sharing, mutual support, and growth lie at the bottom of all we do.

Today at Campus X’s second birthday we speak with Teodora Georgieva (Tedi), an HR Specialist at OfficeRnD, an award-winning coworking management startup, which strives to make coworking the way of working. Here’s what Tedi tells us about coworking and how it helps our friends and members OfficeRnD grow.

Can you tell us a bit about your role at OfficeRnD?

Teodora Georgieva (Tedi), HR Specialist at OfficeRnD

At OfficeRnD, I take the role of an HR Specialist. Officially, I combine Talent Acquisition

Specialist and HR Generalist roles. Unofficially - Organizational Psychologist, Seeker of people’s natural talents, Happiness Manager, Event Organizer, sometimes even Santa Claus (she laughs).

How being part of Campus X impacts your talent acquisition journey?

Honestly, the community here is remarkable. The Campus X events and the wider community help us attract and retain high-quality talent.

The coworking space is a carefully filtered ecosystem, where team members can enhance their professional skills by participating in various professional events and benefiting from the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals.

It’s much more than state-of-the-art business buildings and facilities. It’s a place, where people can get in touch with other professionals who are just a cup of coffee away. And this is what makes all the difference.

To give an example from my own professional perspective, we’ve created a mini HR community here at Campus X - a group of HR experts who continuously help each other and exchange knowledge, ideas, and advice.

It’s nice to know you can go beyond your own information bubble and see things from a different perspective through your colleagues’ eyes.

How has Campus X’s operation of your office space impacted you and your team?

Being able to rely on the Campus X team for operations of various kinds gives us so much added value.

From “large” to “small” stuff - it all contributes to us feeling supported.

For example, taking care of our cars is an inevitable effort some of us need to make. A Professional Car Service Assistant can save one’s time so they can invest it in things they love.

Another illustration of the good service the Campus X team provides to us - OfficeRnD supports green causes, that’s why we decided that during the 2019 Christmas season we want to have a tree that we can plant outside after the fun is over. That required frequent watering and luckily the “green team” took care of that. Our tree is back there in nature now, yay!

Miro Miroslavov, Co-founder & CEO of OfficeRnd, arranging a Christmas tree

How does being part of a coworking space impact your decision-making as a growing business with new employees?

As OfficeRnD’s slogan reads, making coworking the way of working is our main goal as a company. We are happy that our employees can work at a place like Campus X and enjoy the benefits that the community offers. The flexibility and the overall spirit here make us confident that we are providing a truly great environment to work at.

OfficeRnD team at Campus X's Fun Zone

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