New startup discounts to empower Bulgaria’s tech ecosystem

Since Campus X's launch, we’ve made it our mission to support the growth and development of Bulgaria’s technology ecosystem. In just three years, Campus X has expanded to four buildings, more than 1,500 workspaces, and 800+ members.

To empower Bulgaria’s tech ecosystem even further, we’re launching new substantial discounts in support of both Bulgarian and international tech start-ups looking to start their operations in Bulgaria.

Campus X - flexible office hub in Sofia, Bulgaria

We’ll provide additional impactful support to these companies, powering their success and helping the whole ecosystem thrive. At Campus X, we believe that when great companies come together (and we have 60+ leading organizations in our coworking community), they can share knowledge and experience and multiply their successes. Because together we become unstoppable.

Read about some of the recent major milestones of the Campus X community here and here.

Powering tech startups success

At Campus X, we bring all prerequisites for success in one place. From flexible and tailor-made serviced workspaces, which evolve along with companies’ needs to easy access to capital, talent, mentorship, and a powerful coworking community of fellow innovators.

The new discounts are intended for both Bulgarian and international tech startups, which can benefit from:

  • 20% off the all-inclusive Campus X office plans

  • 5% discount for portfolio companies of our onsite Venture Capital partners – Eleven Ventures and LAUNCHub Ventures

Why we do it?

Because we know that startups’ journey to success can be challenging.

Campus X’s Co-Founders draw on their first-hand experience building and selling a successful company in Bulgaria (Telerik), as well as investing in and mentoring hundreds of high-growth startups.

Many of Telerik’s alumni keep shaping and evolving Bulgaria’s tech ecosystem. Successful founders and leaders, they’re the driving force behind some of the leading tech companies (many of them part of Campus X).

See our infographic showing how the Telerik alumni contribute to the ecosystem.

Telerik's Heritage of successful tech companies and founders
Telerik's Heritage of successful tech companies

“Many of these companies are either members, partners, or alumni from our previous endeavors, and here are the results only a few years on.
This is yet another example of how collective focused effort can bring in amazing results in a very short period of time,”comments Campus X’s Co-Founder and CEO Boyko Iaramov.

Building a successful tech business should not be coincidental. And we want to equip you with all the necessary prerequisites for success. That’s why we created Campus X and now take our mission a step further by supporting startups and the whole tech ecosystem in Bulgaria.

Who can benefit from the discount?