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Management Agreements

Flexible Services and Property Enablement

As clients seek to reduce overhead costs and employees demand greater location flexibility, commercial office building vacancies are becoming a challenge for landlords. The further changing dynamics of contract duration bring a new complexity, as clients look for frictionless engagement with shorter horizons.

This leads to an unprecedented level of constant client-landlord engagement, requiring an immediate switch from the current investor-developer focus to a pure client experience focus.  

Campus X has a track record of deep understanding and committed engagement to client needs as they evolve day-to-day. We have the capacity to propose financially attractive business models, guide landlords through the process, manage or provide on-site staff and fill vacancies with revenue-generating members through technology and system deployments.

What is a management agreement?

Management agreements are also refered to as operating agreements. These are partnerships between a landlord and Campus X. As a landlord, you are incentivized to fill vacant space and we help achieve that by leveraging validated processes and systems to source short-term contract-seeking clients. In a management agreement both parties agree to share revenue generated from the agreed space.

Difference from a traditional lease?

Under a management agreement, rather than accept a fixed lease payment each month, the landlord takes a percentage of revenue or profit Campus X generates. 

This presents more resilience for both the landlord and Campus X, as both parties work together to increase the chances of long-term success and profitability for the designated spaces.

Why Campus X?

Differentiating among other brands and business models Campus X brings in-house other business critical processes, beyond the physical space excellence. Backed and managed by respected entrepreneurs, Campus X has been recognized by local and international clients as an end-to-end flexible space operator.

Curation process for lasting engagement

While client requirements are increasingly asking for shorter and more flexible alternatives to the conventional lease, an upmost attention is paid so that the potential of each customer can be evaluated in the context of a longer onsite relationship between all parties. Successfully identifying this potential provides increased traction, builds the foundation for onsite customer growth, while providing complete transparency of economic impact through these processes.

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