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Professional Assistants

The ultimate company benefit increasing engagement and productivity. We take care of your employees’ cars, allowing them to focus on their work, while saving priceless hours, nerves and money. 


Expect unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction, meticulous attention to detail and discounts from our wide network of service providers.

Custom corporate bundles available based on company size, volume and service requirements. Explore the benefits your employees will love and get in touch. 


Car service

Your employees can leverage a car service of their choice or our wide network of trusted partners. They will also receive up to 35% discount on car parts and labor from our partners. 



Annual tech inspection

It’s this time of the year again. Your employees will save on inspection fees, while we deal with the bureaucratic hassle and procedures, so they don’t have to. 


Car insurance claim

Leave this mundane task to us. We’ll make sure your employees' cars meet all requirements and handle the insurance inspection and photo shoot. Enjoy an additional discount with the insurers within our partner network. 


New vehicle registration 

We’ll save your employees countless hours of waiting, take care of all documents and procedures and remove the hassle from registering their new vehicles. 


Tire service

Changing tires doesn’t need to be time-consuming or stressful. We’ll have your employees’ cars ready for the new season in no time based on their preferences and needs. Additional partner discounts apply.


Annual subscription

All your employees' car must dos taken care of with high priority. Our annual bundle includes: summer and winter tire service, car insurance initial setup or renewal and annual tech inspection. Discounts on car parts and services within our network apply.

What our customers have to say 


I’d only confide my car to someone who will care about it the way I do. Campus X Professional Assistants exceed all expectations with the utmost attention to detail. Their services cost just a fraction of the discounts I get with them and save me precious time I can devote to my business. They also remind me about regular maintenance and manage to reduce the time my car spends at a service company or insurer.

Erjan Gavalji, Solutions Engineer, Tick42

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