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How flexible offices benefit individual professionals?

In today’s fast-moving and uncertain world, flexibility is crucial for your professional success.

If you’ve ever felt isolated and unproductive while working from home, then a flexible and safe serviced office is just what you need.

What is a flexible office?

The term flexible office refers to a workspace, which provides maximum flexibility over the location, size, team, and additional services. From small private offices through shared workspaces, which are perfect for individuals and small startups to getting an individual desk for just a day or a week to escape work-from-home distractions and boost productivity.

All you need with no commitment

Flexible office offerings provide maximum flexibility as individual professionals and/or their teams decide when and for how long they want to work from the office. Thus, you’re not tied down to a long-term contract and could easily expand, reduce, or vacate your workplace with short-term notice.

Also, flexible serviced offices usually include everything needed to run your business and/or work productively. For instance, at Campus X we provide an end-to-end office experience – from fully equipped meeting rooms, common areas, and kitchens to fast and reliable Facility and IT services and an award-winning Cisco Meraki lightning-fast internet connection. All these and much more along with the utilities and free refreshments are included in our plans with no hidden fees.

Productive office environment

“I've always preferred to work from an office environment as this helps me keep a better work-life discipline, stay way more productive and better organized. In the office I don't have to deal with the discomfort of working from the dining table or taking a call from the bedroom while my husband is having another one in the living room,” shares our member Tina Kesova, Head of Marketing at Codeable and adds:

By opting to work from a flexible serviced office you’ll get access to an enterprise-level office environment, where everything is taken care of. From the highest class of office facilities to a secluded space to do focused work, the office can make a difference in your productivity and psychological well-being. As Tina explains:

“The biggest challenge I personally have when working from home is that it almost always feels like I'm working. The line between work and rest time is blurred and that is ultimately what affects my productivity the most. In the office, I have the perfect, distraction-free environment that enables me to do my best work and then when I'm done, I can go home and rest. At home that is not the case. I tend to overwork and then I am tired and unproductive day after day.”

Much more than an office – a powerful community

Being part of a powerful community of great companies and like-minded people can be a major advantage for every professional. Campus X is home to 50+ leading companies and individuals, who are eager to share knowledge and experience and help each other on the way to success.

"I chose Campus X as a place to work from instead of working entirely from home during COVID-19 because I know and trust the team behind it. The high professionalism, great office space, and the powerful ecosystem of entrepreneurs here brings me great joy and excitement. I believe this makes the Campus stand out from other workspaces and be in a league of its own,"comments Vesko Kolev, VP Product, Developer Tooling Product Development at Progress, who escaped work from home distractions by working from Campus X.

Real-life social connection with like-minded professionals is key for collaboration and innovation. People are wired for human contact and even ever-evolving technologies like Zoom and Microsoft Teams can’t replace it.

“It is one of the main reasons I choose to work from a managed office space in the first place. This is exactly what I've been missing the most during the months of social distancing: the random afternoon discussions over a cup of coffee with fellow members, the member breakfasts, the lunches at the Campus restaurant, or just the opportunity to pick someone's brain for quick advice on a problem I'm working on,” shares Tina.

The safest workspace possible

In the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many professionals look for a flexible office space, where they can feel safe and protected. At Campus X, we’re continuously going far and beyond all global health and safety requirements to provide the highest standard of protective measures.

Some of the measures we’ve implemented include rigorous and constant cleaning and disinfection, premium UVC lamps and air purifiers, which eliminate airborne viruses, weekly onsite PCR tests, and many others. So that you can boost your productivity and enjoy interpersonal collaboration with your colleagues and the community without having to worry about safety.

In conclusion

Flexible serviced offices can be a great option for professionals seeking a safe, collaborative, and inspiring workspace, where everything is taken care of.

Escape work-from-home distractions and boost your productivity by renting an office at Campus X. With minimum commitment and no hassle. Take a look here.


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