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Flawless IT services are business-critical

Seamless and uninterrupted IT infrastructure keeps tech businesses up and running. They become even more important in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) latest developments when companies and governments around the world recommend working remotely.

And Campus X’s award-winning IT team is focused on ensuring just that. Providing our member companies with best-in-class services.

Today we meet Sergei Biliarski, who has been managing IT for Campus X and Telerik Academy.

Sergei tells us more about Cisco Meraki’s impact, as well as what motivates and challenges him every day. Let’s dive right in.

What inspires and challenges you daily at your job?

My daily drive is making the workday of Campus X members, Telerik Academy students and coworkers run in a seamless and secure way. We achieve that by providing cutting edge IT infrastructure and operation standards including, but not limited to, IT consultancy, fast and reliable Internet access, quality and secure printing and physical access control, as well as the occasional “have you tried turning it off and then on again” immortal advice at the right place and time.

Solving technical mysteries is what motivates me the most (professionally, that is). Working with the 60+ technology companies that Campus X accommodates provides me with an endless stream of challenges to tackle and opportunities to explore. There’s never a dull moment.

What is Cisco Meraki and why did you introduce it at Campus X?

Cisco Meraki is a leading technology provider of cloud-controlled wireless and wired networking, routing and security. Put simply, Cisco Meraki combines the expertise and experience of a team of hardcore network engineers with the ease-of-use and manageability of a web browser console that can be managed from everywhere.

In today’s world, flawless network access is critical. With 1,500+ workspaces available at Campus X and our mission to provide world-class services to all our members, we needed an all-in-one robust solution for an enterprise-level network that can be seamlessly managed and scaled.

I must give a huge kudos to the engineering team over at Telelink for their priceless help in architecting and building the initial infrastructure that we later built upon. The whole venture was a great success and the biggest Cisco Meraki implementation in the region back then, which also earned us the IT Project of the Year award.

What are the major benefits of the Meraki network for the Campus X community and Telerik Academy?

While nothing can be 100% perfect, the network availability at Campus X comes pretty close. Member surveys have shown that one of the most valued IT aspects of our space is reliable Internet access. Two independent fiber-optic routes connect us directly to two reliable ISPs and offer >1 Gbps of combined always-on connectivity.

We’ve worked hard to implement various High Availability and Disaster Recovery technologies. Combined with uninterrupted power, provided by our building UPSs and diesel generators, this makes us quite independent of external factors when it comes to business continuity.

Additional perks include on-demand secure VPN access, Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems, advanced malware filtering, as well as cool integrations like connecting to your very own private SSID using your corporate Google account.

Looking for a workspace with premium IT services, which will help you enhance your business processes? Get in touch now.


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