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Safety first during and post COVID-19 (Latest Updates)

Campus X has become the first office space in Bulgaria to be awarded the prominent COVID Shield Certificate, which represents the highest level of safety by the independent Certification Body TÜV AUSTRIA. This is a testament to the efforts and resources we invest to secure the safest possible work environment for our community.

The safety and well-being of our community are and will continue to be our #1 priority. To provide a safe office experience in the new normal, we are constantly walking the extra mile to implement safety measures, which go far and beyond local and global recommendations.

Campus X - safe and inspiring office spaces
Campus X, Sofia - safe and inspiring office environment

Brief overview (in reverse-chronological order) of the safety measures implemented at Campus X:

  • December: Campus X became the first office space in Bulgaria to be awarded the prominent COVID Shield Certificate, which represents the highest level of safety by the independent Certification Body TÜV AUSTRIA.

  • July: We have successfully implemented all new large-scale safety measures, including the massive reconstruction of Campus X's HVAC system and using the highest standard of air disinfection technology and safe and effective UVC lamps (introduced in June), which kill over 99.9% of airborne viruses, according to research.

  • Middle of May: Campus X has started to gradually implement new large-scale safety measures to build upon the existing rigorous protective efforts across our four buildings, stretching over 18,000 m2.

  • March: After the Bulgarian government declared a national state of emergency, we’ve worked hard to further augment the existing rigorous measures and provide the highest level of safety for our members.

  • February: Long before the first confirmed cases in Bulgaria, we implemented the world’s best practices and various protective measures, which have been constantly augmented ever since.

Our community already enjoys the new large-scale safety measures

In the last month, we have dedicated our efforts and resources to implementing a number of large-scale protective measures. We went far and beyond to secure maximum safety and undisrupted business continuity for our members. Struggling with a global shortage of materials and racing with time, we managed to equip the Campus with the highest standard of air cleaning and disinfection technology, greatly improve the air quality across the buildings, and provide carefully crafted signage and guidelines. Here’s how Campus X provisions maximum safety for its community during and post COVID-19:

High-class air disinfection and fresh air across Campus X’s buildings

We greatly improved the air quality and safety by undergoing reconstruction of our HVAC system and using premier ozone-free UVC lamps and highly effective air purifiers.

Eliminating viruses and disinfecting the air with safe UVC lamps

We have introduced premium UVC lamps that are highly effective in breaking down the DNA of micro-organisms and cleaning the air from viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold, and mites. Ozone-free and with no direct emission of UVC light, they are absolutely safe and highly recommended by local health authorities in the prevention of the spread of pathogens and airborne viruses.

According to new research at Columbia University, UVC light can be highly effective against airborne coronaviruses, including COVID-19. The safe form of ultraviolet light killed over 99.9% of the exposed viruses during the research.

Our members are already enjoying the safety benefits of the UVC lamps, which have been placed across Campus X’s meeting rooms, offices, and shared spaces. The lamps are working 24/7 and the air across our buildings is thoroughly disinfected every 2 hours.

Providing cleaner and fresher air with highly effective air purifiers

We employed a leading air purification technology to greatly improve the quality of air across Campus X’s buildings. The technology uses a safe and short electrical discharge to create dual polarity ions (positive and negative) and disperse them into the air. The ions attach to the surface of air pollutants, such as bacteria and viruses, and eliminate them. The result is cleaner, fresher air.

We have placed the highest class of air purifiers across Campus X’s meeting rooms, offices, and shared spaces. They are currently working 24/7 and their filters are being changed regularly.

Allowing more fresh air by reconstructing Campus X’s HVAC system

In July, we completed the large-scale reconstruction of Campus X’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. This massive project allows the flow of even more fresh air across Campus X’s premises.

Leverage technology to increase safety

We’ve introduced contactless secure printing and water dispensers. So that our members touch fewer surfaces and we decrease as much as possible the possibility to spread germs. We've also deployed a safe and effective water purification technology, which eliminates bacteria and viruses like E.coli, Hepatitis, Rotavirus, and COVID-19 from drinking water. Meanwhile, we continue to maintain impeccable hygiene across the Campus, with an increased focus on high-touch areas. 

Rigorous cleaning and disinfection

We perform daily meticulous cleaning and disinfection with increased frequency and focus on high-touch areas. Learn more about our impeccable cleaning practices below:

  • We’ve been working with a leading cleaning service, renowned for its spotless reputation, high standards, and  the utmost attention to detail. 

  • We’re continuously performing a supplementary cleaning/disinfecting of all meeting rooms and common areas (receptions, phone booths, shared spaces, kitchens, fun zone, elevators), as well as  high-touch areas (bathrooms, water dispensers, handrails, lift buttons, and door handles).

  • We’ve put in place rigorous cleaning and disinfection of all private and shared offices (with the exception of personal desks due to privacy reasons)  in compliance with all global recommendations.

  • We’re performing thorough regular antimicrobial disinfection of all air-conditioning systems at Campus X (chillers, HVAC systems, etc.).

  • We’ve placed additional disinfectants in all common areas. 

  • All packages that are received at the Campus X reception are being disinfected before we contact receivers for pick-up.

Campus X - safe and beautiful offices and workspaces in Sofia
Campus X, Sofia - safe and beautiful common areas

Carefully planned well-being guidelines and signage

Aligned with local and international health authorities’ recommendations and best practices, we’ve placed careful guidelines and signage across Campus X. Thus, we have equipped our members with the needed information and support to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

Furthermore, long before COVID-19 has evolved into a global pandemic, we’ve started and are continuously encouraging prompt reporting on flu-like symptoms. Those who have flu symptoms, or live with someone with such symptoms, are encouraged to work from home to limit any possibilities of a virus spread. We have also supplied contactless thermometers for safe temperature measurement (available at all reception desks/security posts across the Campus) and instructed the security staff to return people with visible flu-like symptoms.

Meanwhile, we keep providing timely information and support to our community via Slack, which was established as our primary safety communication channel.

Regular health checks

To ensure the safety and well-being of our community in the new normal, we have introduced onsite PCR Pool Tests for our member companies and their teams. Upon request, we facilitate the whole process, which is conducted by leading certified lab and personnel. Here’re how the regular PCR checks benefit our community:

  • Using the most reliable approach available – PCR tests (slow tests) are used as they have the highest reliability and detect the virus much earlier compared to alternatives. The tests require nasal/throat samples to be taken by lab personnel from each member. We work with a leading private lab to secure an on-site lab-like experience.

  • Cost efficiency – we are offering our members the opportunity to conduct mass testing, which reduces the cost per person 5-10 times. Costs are covered by each company, accumulated, and made payable together. Campus X settles all outstanding payments to expedite the process.

  • Seamless ready-to-use process - we make sure there is no disruption to our member companies’ business and take care of everything – a collaboration with the lab, securing safe physical spaces, creating and maintaining an easy-to-follow testing schedule for their employees, monitoring people’s attendance, and more.

Safety first during and post COVID-19

Our efforts are and will continue to be 100% focused on our community’s safety and undisrupted business continuity. We have implemented the highest level of security measures to power businesses’ success and keep our members safe and productive in the new normal.


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