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Building your dream office with custom design

We’re thrilled to officially present to you our on-demand Custom Office Design service.

The right office design is powerful. It boosts productivity, inspires collaboration, and plays a vital role in attracting and retaining leading talent.

We know that your company is one-of-a-kind and showcasing its uniqueness is important. Therefore, our design experts thoughtfully handle all details to create an interior, which brings your brand and unique culture to life.

Custom Interior Design, Campus X, Sofia
Custom Interior Design, Campus X, Sofia

Helping your brand and business thrive

You have your unique design needs and budget and our services are fully focused on them. We will help you express your brand and achieve your business goals while providing an inspiring environment for your employees. Whether you need an office suite, private meeting room, or a whole floor within Campus X, we’re here to deliver a tailor-made solution that reflects your company’s culture.

Custom interior design branding, Campus X, Sofia
Custom interior design branding

Turning your vision into reality

Campus X’s design experts take care of everything from start to finish. Taking time to understand your needs, showing you visions in a realistic format, providing pricing, and tracking all other details, which otherwise may get overlooked.

“We love having a partner that evolves along with our team’s needs - we used Campus X interior design services to create a relaxation area in our new office. The results - great place for small talks and productive collaboration,” Zoran Arsovski, CEO of VertoDigital.

Design that inspires and recharges

Creating the perfect office

You dream it. We create it, just the way you want it. Need a dedicated meeting room to inspire collaboration? Or would rather have a cozy break-out zone, where your employees will relax, recharge, and bond with each other? We’ll go far and beyond to deliver the interior you need. Expect an easy flow of the process, creative ideas, and the utmost dedication to detail. So that you and your team enjoy the ideal workspace, which powers your company’s success.

Custom Interior Design Services, Campus X, Sofia
Custom Interior Design Services, Campus X, Sofia

Ready to take your office to the next level? Benefit from our Custom Office Design.

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