Why rent an office for a day (5 benefits in 2021)?

Working from home does not cut it anymore? Rent an office for a day or more to increase productivity and enjoy full flexibility.

People renting a flexible office for a day
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Flexible working is here to stay

The global health pandemic has accelerated the trends of flexible working and flexible workspaces. More and more businesses and individuals have started to realize the numerous benefits of flexible serviced offices – from cost-effectiveness to greater agility and the highest-class of safety standards during COVID-19.

But what if you’re an individual professional or business owner who is searching for even greater flexibility?

Let’s say you’re working remotely (predominantly from home), but unproductivity and isolation start to creep in or you’re on a business trip and look for a comfortable office to work from for a couple of days.

Daily office space rentals like Campus X’s Flex Drop-In plan give you the opportunity to book a workspace for a few days or weeks - straight away, with no short notice and zero commitments.

Campus X is located in Bulgaria's vibrant tech capital Sofia.

Advantages of daily office rentals

Ready to change the home office or the noisy coffee house with a dedicated workspace in Sofia, which you’d like to rent for a day, two, or a couple of weeks? We’ve got you covered. Explore some of the benefits you’ll enjoy if you choose our extremely flexible Flex Drop-In office solution.

1. Cost-effectiveness

When you rent a workspace short-term (want to work from there for just a few days), daily office rentals are the most affordable option since they allow you to only pay for what you use.

If you’re a freelancer searching for a walk-in coworking office or a big company that needs a temporary workspace for its remote teams, you can easily book a few working days and avoid monthly commitments.

2. Ultimate flexibility

By renting an office for a day you gain the freedom and flexibility to decide how often you and your teams will work onsite and for how long. There’s no application approval or bureaucratic hassle. At the Campus, you can start working in three simple steps:

  1. Fill in the contact form.

  2. Walk in and pay at the Campus X reception.

  3. Start working.

Plus, the Campus is conveniently located in the most active and buzzing tech district in Sofia, Bulgaria - Mladost - near 3 subway stations and Sofia airport.

Premier workspaces for flexible work at Campus X, Sofia