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Bica joins Campus X as a strategic Human Capital partner

In times when people matter most, we're thrilled to welcome at Campus X our new onsite Human Capital strategic partner – the HR consultancy company Bica. The collaboration will further empower our community, helping our member companies connect with Senior tech talent and manage their HR processes more effectively.

Moreover, having Bica aboard augments the well-established partnership with the leading tech-ed organization Telerik Academy, which trains Master Junior talent and upskills experienced professionals.

Branded Bica banner

Talent - a key prerequisite for success

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has posed a major challenge to businesses around the world. Yet, the latest statistics in Bulgaria show that the IT sector is one of the least affected in the country and will be fast to transition into recovery. Meanwhile, many local IT companies continue growing and keep seeking leading talent to power their businesses.

“People are the driving force behind IT businesses’ success. This is even more true in the current times of uncertainty and great dynamics when the team’s motivation and expertise will shape the future of young companies. By collaborating with Bica and Telerik Academy, we cover the full spectrum of human resources’ needs by providing access to the right talent with the right skills. Thus, we fulfill our promise to support and accelerate the success of companies based at Campus X,”says Boyko Iaramov, CEO and co-founder of Campus X.

Partnering with BICA Services and Telerik Academy

Our strategic collaboration with Bica and Telerik Academy aims to benefit the Campus X members by providing easy access to leading IT talent.

Bica has over 10 years of experience in HR consulting and a network of more than 120 international clients. Its portfolio features a vast spectrum of services – from recruitment and temporary staffing to contractor’s management, outsourcing, relocation, and handling administration processes.

“We believe that the success of individual product companies is a direct consequence of the close collaboration, mutual trust, and support in the entire tech ecosystem in Bulgaria. For years now, our mission has been to contribute to the development of this ecosystem by sourcing the right talent to answer to businesses’ evolving needs. For this reason, we’re happy to join Campus X and see this partnership as a step forward in growing Bulgaria’s IT sector,” shares Kiril Kayakov, a partner at Bica.

Telerik Academy is a leading tech-ed organization, which trains junior tech talents and upskills professionals in the sector. Annually, the Academy prepares 10-15% of the talent needed by the software industry. Its Alpha trainings help people launch a successful IT career and power businesses with top junior talent, whereas the Upskill programs help employees from both tech and non-tech professions stay relevant in the constantly evolving digital world.

Telerik Academy team members discussing project in their Campus X office.

All elements for business success under one roof

The goal of Campus X is to provide its member companies (startups, scaleups, and already established organizations) with all key elements necessary for their sustainable and steady growth. By collaborating with Bica, we add yet another level of expertise and cover the full spectrum of prerequisites for tech companies’ success. The latter include:

  • Premium infrastructure and services companies of all sizes and stages can afford.

  • Bridge to capital through the collaboration with the leading investment funds Eleven and LAUNCHub Ventures (both based at Campus X), as well as a wide network of VCs and international funds.

  • A vibrant community of entrepreneurs and specialists with diverse skills but common values and ambitions, who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

  • Talent – access to junior and senior specialists, as well as training opportunities, augmenting the skills of current employees.

Campus X branding showcasing the four pillars of success.

How our ecosystem developed in 2019?

In 2019, Campus X’s capacity reached 1,500+ workplaces in 4 buildings stretching over a total area of 18,000 m2. We have also established a few key partnerships to further support and empower the local startup and IT ecosystem. We collaborate with Bulgaria’s leading investment funds LAUNCHub Ventures and Eleven, which are both based at Campus X.

Further, we started partnering with one of the Big Four auditing firms, Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) Bulgaria, which opened an office at Campus X and launched the first-ever cohesive Corporate Governance program, exclusively available for our members. Finally, only 1,5 years after Campus X’s launch, we won the Best Coworking Spaces award in Bulgaria by the Central European Startup Awards (CESA).

Currently faced with the COVID-19 challenge, we believe that standing together and supporting each other is more important than ever. At Campus X, it’s our mission to do just that –ensure maximum safety, flexibility, and support for our members, instilling creative approaches, and emerging stronger as a community.


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