How your workplace can accelerate your startup success?

Launching a killer service or product, scaling without efforts, keeping your business profitable – that's the goal of every startup founder.

But entrepreneurship comes with a host of hurdles. From scaling your business and team to finding financing and being ahead of the ever-growing competition. If you've ever struggled with any of these challenges, you know that it can be both costly and time-consuming. You don't need to do it alone. Here's how workspace ecosystems can accelerate your startup success:

Workspaces help attract and retain talent

Talented and motivated employees are the lifeblood of every successful business.

But how to attract and retain top-tier professionals to help you skyrocket your startup? Turns out that comfortable and well-designed workplaces might be a key differentiator for your business.

In fact, 93% of workers in the tech industry claim they would stay longer at a company that would offer healthier workspace benefits, with options ranging from colorful wellness rooms company fitness benefits and healthy lunches to ergonomic seating, according to the Fellowes Workplace Wellness Trend Report.

Campus X's Chief Talent Officer, Emanuela Kozhuskova, who has extensive experience in HR and Training and Development agrees with these findings:

“In my experience with thousands of candidates, one of the key factors for them to jump on a new career opportunity is often the project or product they'll be working on and the overall wellness of the workspace and environment.”

Private office space  for rent at Campus X, Sofia. People working at a workspace
Private office space at Campus X, Sofia

Ecosystems empower startups to grow

Going beyond the physical space, the best flexible and private offices resemble small ecosystems, where like-minded professionals can build connections, collaborate, and exchange ideas. These supportive and vibrant communities are the reason why people thrive better in shared workspaces than in a traditional office environment, according to research conducted by Harvard Business Review.

Collaborative environments come with one big benefit –networking. It’s not surprising that entrepreneurs with bigger and more diverse networks find it easier to grow their businesses. Networking opportunities that are offered by coworking spaces can help founders secure new funding, customers, and employees. The same goes for freelancers, who have the chance to meet their next big client without leaving the office.

The Institute for Public's Policy Research (IPPR) in London conducted a survey on the subject and came up with the following key findings:

  • Two-thirds of the respondents had collaborated with others in the space and said that other users were the most likely source of advice and support.

  • Almost all respondents reported finding out about new ideas and audiences due to the collaborative environment in the workspace.

  • A big proportion of the respondents agreed that the collocation with peers increased their productivity.

From London to Sofia and our very own coworking ecosystem – Campus X. Here's some feedback from one of our member companies, the health tech platform, FindMeCure:

“Campus X is a unique place! Working from here has brought a massive improvement to our team’s productivity and morale. We now have an amazing office where we don’t have to care about everyday trifles and instead can focus on working towards achieving our mission,” says Ivaylo Yosifov, a CTO of FindMeCure.

Campus X's coworking community consists of leading companies and like-minded professionals. People work alongside in an office space
Campus X's coworking community consists of leading companies and like-minded professionals

Access to powerful mentors and investors

Some of the key prerequisites for startup success include mentorship and funding – and high-quality working space should be able to provide access to both. Being part of such a space can help you attract new funding and clients by facilitating connections with potential investors and prospects.

Furthermore, the best-shared workspace ecosystems provide abundant mentorship opportunities. Structured mentoring can help startups avoid mistakes and failure,

while offering other added benefits such as:

  • Optimizing recruitment

  • Future-proofing your business

  • Reducing workplace stress