Flexible Serviced Office: how it helps your business in 2021

Imagine entering a beautifully designed office, where everything is taken care of. Your workspace is bright, modern, and comfortable. The Internet is lightning fast, the coffee is strong, and you benefit from the highest class of IT infrastructure and facilities.

No unexpected issues to solve, no downtime, zero hassle. Your team can start working from the get-go while you stay fully focused on your business’s needs.

A flexible serviced office at Campus X, Sofia
A flexible serviced office at Campus X, Sofia

Conveniently located in Sofia’s buzzing tech district, Campus X offers fully serviced flexible offices and personalized office solutions to meet your every demand.

A flexible serviced office: what is it?

Serviced offices are also known under the terms serviced workspaces, managed workspace, flexible offices, and others.

In a nutshell, flexible serviced offices allow businesses to rent the amount of office space they currently need as opposed to paying for huge amounts of space they’re not using.

This is possible because the price of a serviced office is calculated per number of workstations rather than square meters of office space.

Want to uncover the true cost of your office operation? Use our powerful and interactive True Cost of Operation calculator.

Also, serviced office solutions are flexible in terms of contract length as well as adding or removing office space. The latter is extremely helpful and cost-effective for fastly growing tech companies.

Last but not least, serviced office offerings include all-inclusive office amenities and services like IT and Facility support and management, unlimited access to fully stocked kitchens and enterprise-grade meeting rooms, and much more.

Campus X offers all-inclusive amenities

Explore our flexible and fully serviced private and shared offices.

Renting a serviced office: who is it for?

Some of the major advantages of a serviced office include super flexible contracts and offerings, ease of use, and a fully managed and customer-centered end-to-end experience. Serviced offices are perfect for:

  • Start-ups: Flexible serviced offices are ideal for startups that seek an inspiring and reputable office space for their teams without the commitment of a long-term contract. Moreover, the end-to-end serviced office experience takes the pressure off business leaders, who can focus on their products/services, clients, and teams instead of the time-consuming and costly office management tasks.

  • Scale-ups: Scale-up leaders can also lean on flexible serviced offices to help them manage growth in a cost-effective and stress-free way. A fully managed and flexible office solution saves precious time and money (and both resources are extremely important for growing businesses) as opposed to traditional offices’ inflexible long-term leases that offer just space for rent and lack the fully serviced experience.

  • International companies expanding to new markets: When businesses expand to new markets, a high-class serviced office solution is the safest bet to success. Why? Serviced office providers like Campus X help companies establish their first office in Bulgaria while providing them with consultations and expertise, ongoing support, and access to trusted partners and experts, whatever they might need.

Here’s how Campus X’s flexible and all-inclusive serviced office offering helped three companies grow successfully.

3 key benefits of renting a flexible serviced office at Campus X

Let’s explore some of the major advantages of renting a serviced office space at Campus X, Sofia.

1. Flexible and all-inclusive experience for your growth