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Campus X joins forces with PwC to support the local startup ecosystem

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Bulgaria has opened an office at Campus X and launched the first-ever cohesive hands-on Corporate Governance program - exclusively available to Campus X members

We are excited to announce our collaboration with PwC, a global leader in auditing, tax, and consultancy services and one of the Big Four auditing firms. Our strategic partnership aims to allow startups and established companies to benefit from PwC's extensive expertise, as well as the legal, tax, and consultancy services they offer from the comfort of Campus X and at a price fit for entrepreneurs.

PwC Bulgaria opens an office at Campus X

PwC Bulgaria's new office at Campus X

This is PwC’s second location in Sofia, Bulgaria. By setting up an office at Campus X, PwC will help shorten the distance between technology startups and leading consultancy experts, enabling a much closer collaboration.

“We're extremely happy to work with Campus X as part of this innovative partnership. Using all our international expertise and proven professionals, we will support and advise companies from the local startup ecosystem. The goal is to help them grow their businesses successfully both in Bulgaria and abroad,” comments Orlin Hadjiiski, associate partner “Tax Services” at PwC Bulgaria.

“We're happy that a global leader like PwC is becoming our partner and will deliver high-class expertise, which is easily accessible to startups. As mentors, investors and advisers for dozens of emerging companies, we know how important it is for them to establish the grounds of good corporate governance from the very beginning. The process is of paramount importance for fundraising and can predetermine the long-term success of the companies,” says Boyko Iaramov, co-founder and CEO of Campus X.

PwC's program for corporate governance

In collaboration with Campus X, PwC organizes the first-ever in-depth practical Corporate Governance Program that is instrumental to the success and sustainability of both startups and established companies.

Led by vetted PwC experts, the program provides strategic insights into topics like corporate and shareholder structures, tax holding structures, core accounting and auditing, among others. Additionally, there is a focus on best practices that can be directly implemented in the participants' businesses.

PwC's comprehensive practical program has been introduced at Campus X with the intention of helping startups tackle business challenges, as well as create a solid foundation for their future global expansion.


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