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Campus X expands its capacity to 1,300 workspaces in 3 buildings

The third building with private and shared offices has just opened; The previous two buildings are almost fully sold out and a fourth one will be available in June

We are excited to share that we are expanding! After launching Campus X in April 2018 with one building and 300 workspaces, we now have 3 amazing buildings in the most buzzing tech district of the scene in Sofia and a capacity of 1,300 people. This way, we will be able to become the preferred home to even more tech startups and established companies looking for a thriving ecosystem where they can accelerate their growth and success.

Banners with the four pillars of success of Campus X.

“We are offering much more than just modern private and shared offices to our members. Even though we are proud of our facilities and infrastructure, we know that buildings don’t make companies successful - people do. That’s why our main priority is to create a community of like-minded professionals and an ecosystem that nurtures knowledge sharing and innovation within the Campus,” shared Boyko Iaramov, co-founder and CEO of Campus X.

Campus X community

It’s no secret we have a highly selective and very competitive tenant approval process. As a result, here you’ll find a carefully filtered community ready to share know-how and expertise and provide help for the greater good.

Within a few months since the launch, more than 30 leading companies have joined Campus X. To top it off, in the past 6 months one-third of our members have grown significantly and moved into bigger offices. Most of the startups within the Campus expect to double their teams in 2019.

Access to mentors, investors, and talent

By connecting companies to mentors, industry experts, VC funds and angel investors and providing them access to the top tech junior talent coming from Telerik Academy, we help our members grow and scale their businesses. With the leading private early-stage investment fund Eleven on-site and Telerik co-founders and their wide network, companies are practically exposed to everyone they need to know to succeed.

Four entrepreneurs conducting a business meeting at Campus X.


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