BICA Services: people are the key to success

In today’s dynamic times, it’s more important than ever to share knowledge and experience and support each other.

Therefore, we’re excited to launch our new “Expert Tips” series, where leading experts from our community will share their know-how in key areas like HR consulting, Taxes and Legal, and others.

We’ll start with an insightful interview with Kiril Kaykov - Partner, Service Delivery Operations at the HR consultancy, and a strategic Campus X member and partner BICA Services. Let’s dive right in.

1. Tell us a bit about BICA Services?

BICA Services is an HR consulting partner with a focus on Hiring, Growing, and Retaining IT teams, as well as building R&D centers from scratch. The company's mission is to identify and connect top talent with product companies of every size and stage - from high-growth startups to big companies.

We‘re also offering other relevant HR solutions that help companies run their HR, Administration, and Marketing processes more effectively in order to grow more sustainable and to become an employer of choice.

2. How and why was BICA launched?

BICA Services was launched in 2015 by three co-founders - Andrey, Momchil, and me (Kiril).

The main idea was to not only provide HR services to product innovators but also to help them feel secure and get the results they want while sustaining and keeping the essence of their culture, values, and goals.

Right now, 100+ people work at BICA Services, and most employees are highly skilled engineers, product people working on cool stuff like Digital Entertainment, Cloud services, IoT, Security, and others. And we keep growing.

3. What challenges do you solve for your clients and how do you stand out from the competition?

We help product scale-ups’ Chief Information Officers (CIOs) with building or multiplying their teams. As an HR partner, we support our clients every step on the way of this challenging journey.

Unlike our competitors, we don't microwave existing solutions. We build new ones, tailored to each client’s values, work ethic, and product strategy.

For example, many companies that are actively hiring need an immediate and sustainable solution to attract the right talent. In such cases, companies normally use the services of external HR companies. But this is not an effective long-term solution, focused on helping them retain new hires. Moreover, it’s not optimal when it comes to encouraging internal referrals and building employer brand awareness.

Bringing “A players” onboard is not that simple.

It requires a competitive hiring process and a remuneration package that meets the needs of YOUR people as opposed to the general market trends, as well as strong onboarding and an individual succession plan (clear guidelines of what’s required of the employees to develop their career in the desired direction). Last but not least, it’s vital how people relate to your company’s values, which is also reflected in their performance.

What we do differently at BICA Services? We apply our personalized approach and provide a flexible model where companies can work with an experienced HR professional or a whole small team of HRs on a temporary basis (like SAAS). These professionals join the company’s internal teams while being fully aligned with their unique needs and values. They provide essential expertise on how to manage their hiring processes, implement essential HR practices and tools while helping them build their own employee retention programs. They turn into ambassadors of the companies’ brands. And when the job is done, the team walks away, which also eliminates the need to hire internal HRs and increase headcount.

4. Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at the company. What inspires and challenges you daily?

As one of the co-founders of BICA, I am taking care of the operations and HR service delivery as well as managing the core HR and Marketing team which is the foundation of our fast-growing development. Together, we work on shaping our clients' product success by solving numerous people and process-related challenges on a daily basis.

Moreover, helping people develop professionally is a major inspiration.

For many, starting a new job search may seem like a daunting task. Beyond the emotional impact, they ask themselves questions like: What do I want to do? What do I need to do? Where do I start?

In the day-to-day crunch of work and deadlines, most people do not have the time, energy, or expertise to manage their careers as effectively as they could. My team and I have a direct impact on their journey. And it’s what continuously drives us forward. We guide people through all these personal milestones. We educate them on how to manage their careers better and most importantly how to join a company with values compatible with their own.

Our ultimate goal is to make both people and companies happy.

As a background I have 10+ years of experience in Human capital, Coaching and HR Consulting, working for companies like Lee Hetch Harrison & Adecco Group. During my participation in the establishment of many locally significant R&D centers with 100+ employees each, I have learned that there is no such thing as an “unsuitable” company or candidate - everyone is a perfect fit as long as there is a cultural match.