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Accelerate your success with Digital Marketing

We’re excited to officially announce our Digital Marketing partnership with VertoDigital and ROImonks.

We are joining forces with the leading digital marketing companies and our members – VertoDigital and ROImonks, who will share their know-how to help the Campus X community.

Trusted partners on the way to success

As of October 1, all Campus X members can benefit from a free consultation with vetted marketing experts, who will help them further enhance their digital marketing strategies and improve results.

We love a good challenge. We inspire ourselves and our partners to grow, by challenging the status quo and by always providing an alternative point of view,” share VertoDigital.

VertoDigital offers Digital Marketing services covering Organic Visibility (SEO), Analytics, and Advertising.

Meanwhile, ROImonks provides end-to-end Growth Marketing Services - from Product Positioning and UX to Marketing Strategy and Advertising.

“We always put the client’s business needs first. You will work with a dedicated team that truly cares about delivering the best results for your business,” as ROImonks states.

Strong alone, unstoppable together

The two companies will provide a series of free marketing consultations, which will be available to our member companies. VertoDigital will help the community with 10 free hours of consultations per month available on a first-come, first-served basis, and ROImonks will offer 5 free hours of consultations per member company.

We thank our new digital marketing partners for their willingness to share their knowledge and experience. This is yet another testament of our tight-knit community, where all members are open to share know-how and help each other on the way to global success.

Want to take your marketing to the next level? Get in touch.


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