6 community successes in uncertain times

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has set its toll on governments and businesses around the world. Nevertheless, as uncertain as these times are, achievements are still made within the Campus X community.

The success and well-being of our community and the public at large is what continuously drives us forward and inspires us to plough through the times ahead. So, without further ado, here’re a few inspiring stories to lift your spirits.

1. Payhawk raises €3М in a seed round

Some good news coming from our friends and members Payhawk, the paperless corporate card, which simplifies expenses for businesses. In March they announced the closing of €3 million seed funding round led by Earlybird. Other VCs and industry experts that participated in the round include TinyVC, the ex-Chief Commercial Officer at Visa Europe Mark Antipof, and the Chief Strategy Officer at Sage Keith Robinson.

“This round comes only 18 months after we entered a very competitive market with well-funded players. Since then, we have experienced great market demand serving more than 1,000 users in 14 countries and quickly converting customers from existing alternatives,” comments Payhawk’s Co-founder and CEO Hristo Borisov.

He adds the company’s strong DNA, business model, key partners, and strategic location in Sofia helped them position themselves on the European tech scene.

“We are very excited about the future and the great roadmap we have laid down for our customers.”

2. HashiCorp receives $175М in Series E funding

Despite the global pandemic, HashiCorp received the impressive $175 Million in Series E funding, at a company valuation of $5.1 billion. Thus, we’re excited to welcome a new unicorn company in the Campus.

HashiCorp is a global leader in multi-cloud infrastructure software and has seen more than 100 percent year-over-year revenue growth for four consecutive years.

“Increasingly, our software is becoming mission critical to the largest organizations in the world, and we take our responsibility to deliver on their expectations very seriously. We are pleased to have Franklin Templeton and T. Rowe Price join as new investors and look forward to the continued partnership with our existing investor partners,” says the global CEO of the company David McJannet in a press release, announcing the news.

The new financing will be invested in people and programs that support HashiCorp’s customers around the world – expanding the company’s field, support, and customer success organizations worldwide, among others.

3. Eleven Capital’s IPO succeeds, raising a bit over €1M

The company has announced the success of its initial public offering (IPO), which took place during the unfolding coronavirus outbreak and the preventive measures taken across Europe. During these turbulent times, they managed to close the subscription of shares for their IPO and raised a bit over €1M (2.1M BGN).

We are really excited that we managed to close the IPO in such challenging times”, comments the company’s Co-founder and Manager Ivaylo Simov, who spoke to Trending Topics, adding that both they and their portfolio companies are well prepared to handle the situation and emerge stronger after it.

4. Eljoy Bikes closes a €630K investment

The e-bikes company managed to receive its first significant investment just before the national lockdown. The investment round was led by Vladimir Davchev, whose previous business was acquired by the Dutch Takeaway.com, and was backed by our members Eleven Ventures, Campus X and Telerik Academy’s Co-founder Svetozar Georgiev, and the business angel Todor Breshkov.

“The e-bike is the biggest revolution since inventing the bicycle as it marvelously reinforces the riding feeling, the occasions and the places you get to with the bike. Being part of this revolution is truly exciting,” comments Svetozar Georgiev.

Eljoy is currently selling in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain, and plans to expand to new markets across Western Europe and the USA. Plus, the new funding will be used to increase its production.

5. Healee helps people and doctors tackle the coronavirus spread

Healee is a telehealth platform, which brings doctors and patients together through convenient and accessible virtual contact. 

The specifics of the coronavirus pandemic require limiting live hospital visits to curb the rapid spread of the disease. Under these circumstances, telemedicine platforms experience a natural spike in demand. In fact, Healee has recently had a 250% surge in daily doctor and hospital registrations, along with a 300% jump in online consultations.

“In times like these, telemedicine is essential, to patients and doctors alike. It is the most appropriate, and often only opti