The Office Dilemma: what changed since early 2020

By Campus X's Co-Founder and CEO Boyko Iaramov

Let me preface this article with something which is extremely important to get across from the very beginning:

The drive behind my analysis is not to judge the decisions of any organization and its people, whether they will revert to pre-Covid office use practices or not. The complexities and internal dynamics specific to each organization and its people are so encompassing, that anyone that claims to have a complete grasp and understanding of this, to me, is delusional.

This analysis is a challenger view for those organizations that in any form, size and fashion decide to have some sort of physical office footprint. A challenger view that aims to empower these decision-makers with the complete set of transparent tools and provide an alternative way to analyze the conventional office model as it depreciates post-Covid and the flexible office model that is gaining worldwide momentum.