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Professional Assistants’ Services: Saving you time and money

Do you drive daily? Many of us rely on our cars – to go to work, take the kids from school, or simply reach any desired destination faster and easier.

But cars need maintenance and require additional time and money spent on them. Not to mention the stress when an accident or a car problem occurs. Campus X’s Professional Assistants take care of all the hassle - saving you time for what really matters.

Today we speak with Petar Sharkov, General Manager at Telerik Academy School. His role involves numerous work trips across the country. As he needs his car daily, it’s paramount to receive a timely and reliable car service every time. Here’s what he shares.

Petar Sharkov, General Manager at Telerik Academy School

Seeking a reliable car service

“The biggest problem is figuring out what’s wrong with the car and finding the right car service to fix it,” as Sharkov explains, adding that there’s no shortage of car services out there. Yet, they have different types of expertise and often deliver services that fail to live up to his expectations.

“I used to go to a random place, hoping to find well-qualified professionals. Often, I ended up paying a lot of money for a dissatisfying service – the problem persisted, and I couldn’t use my car.”

Also, people who don’t have much experience with these services, don’t know what’s acceptable and fair in terms of pricing.

“At the car service, they tell you: you need to change part X and it’s going to cost you Y leva. If you have little to no car-related expertise, you do it without questioning the validity of this statement. In the end, you might lose a lot of money and time for a service, which doesn’t solve your actual problem,” he concludes.

One less thing to worry about

When asked what changed when he started using the Professional Assistance services, Sharkov replies:

“The Professional Assistants (PAs) at Campus X provide a great service, which saves me a lot of trouble. Their extensive expertise and wide network of trusted providers allow them to find the right service for my car.”

“It’s like a sanity check”, says Sharkov. The PAs know their stuff and the providers they work with are aware of that.

I trust their advice, which is both timely and efficient. They diagnose the problem, research the solutions and help me chose the most effective one.”

“In addition, several times I had to call them for consultation while traveling out of Sofia and experiencing problems with my car,” adds Sharkov. “They responded promptly and advised me on the problem, putting my worries at bay.”

A service that pays off

Sharkov recommends the service to all busy professionals.

“It pays off both in terms of time and money. I just hand out my keys and documents and know I’ll receive my car in a perfect condition at the agreed timeframe.”

“Having somebody to take care of that while I focus on my work is priceless, not to mention the preferential prices and conditions I have benefited from so far.”

Need help with your car? Get in touch now and explore the exclusive benefits of our Professional Assistants’ services.


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