Meet the community: Gergana Krusteva, CEO of La Koketa

Ever wake up wondering what to wear today? Many of us can relate, including Gergana Krusteva (Geri) – a Campus X member and inspiring female leader. To solve this problem, she and her co-founder launched La Koketa – a digital wardrobe and a personal style advisor.

IMAGE: Tanya Tasheva

We meet Geri to learn more about her journey as a female entrepreneur and La Koketa’s mission and future plans. Let’s dive right in.

How and why did you launch La Koketa?

The “what to wear?” question and the need to create outfits is a daily problem for almost any woman out there. The real solutions, however, are scarce so we saw a white space in the intersection of technology and fashion.

There are many tools that simplify your life, but the wardrobe, the place we spend so much money on is basically untapped.

We started La Koketa to help women solve that problem with a few easy clicks on their iPhones.

According to research, the average female spends 287 days of her life deciding how to pull the best look for any given occasion, be it a business meeting or a dinner party.

This is a shocking piece of statistics and my co-founder and I could relate to it to an extreme extent. We’d basically fall asleep thinking about “what to wear” and hoping to have the answer when we wake up the next morning. That’s how we came up with the idea of La Koketa app – a personal style advisor on your iPhone!

As you know, clothes are confidence and the question “what to wear?” is very emotional for us women because it has to do with recognition and self-expression.

In many cases, the right outfit could put you in the right frame of mind to approach and handle people and situations confidently and efficiently.

Many of us spend so much time stressing out about what to wear for a job interview, how to wear our stuff, what to pack for an upcoming trip, what to purchase, etc.

We wanted to make that easier and fun, so we created a smart tool that manages your wardrobe, builds personalized outfits with your own clothes, and helps you shop consciously thanks to its unique back-end algorithm.

How awesome to pick a dress and then have an app style it for you (with your stuff) in seconds. We want the entire life cycle of every piece of clothing or accessory our customers own to live on our platform—planning, styling, packing, and purchasing.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at the company. What do you love the most about your job?

We are a very small team with a clear agenda whose pieces are eventually falling into place, but the challenge of developing and marketing a consumer-focused product on a limited budget is immense.

In this context, my role essentially covers all aspects of the value chain with a varying degree of involvement in the execution stage.

Naturally, I try to stay on top of strategy, funding, and product roadmap but that’s not possible in most cases, so I take an active part in almost everything.

The part that I love most about my job and keeps me going is discovering small tweaks that solve big problems, which is mostly about human design, unsolicited needs, and compelling consumer insights.

It’s truly fascinating i