Digital Lights: building software for the world’s best companies

Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO of the Campus X company Digital Lights
Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO of Digital Lights

“If you drive a car produced by one of Europe’s top car manufacturers, then it may be the case that we have our humble contribution to the software in that vehicle.” shares Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO of our member company Digital Lights.

Digital Lights, which is implementing innovative software solutions, has been part of Campus X, since the very start of its operations – enjoying much more than flexible office space and a vibrant coworking community. They’ve also collaborated with our expert team to become the first Bulgarian company certified for TISAX, representing the highest security standard in the automotive industry.

Today we speak with Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO of Digital Lights, to learn more about the company, their recent achievements, and their experience as Campus X members.

Digital Lights: a tech company for large-scale enterprise and automotive solutions

We started Digital Lights with the idea to build a next-generation software company. Our team focuses on innovative solutions for people, mobility, and commerce,” as Dimitar explains.

“Along with our integrous culture, we are committed to elaborating on our distinctive skills for designing and building complex large-scale hardware and software solutions,” he adds.

Digital Lights celebrated its third birthday this February and has greatly expanded its team to 50+ bright and talented team members, who are making an impact with their work.

“I feel grateful to the Universe for having the opportunity to work with such amazingly talented people who inspire me every day,” Dimitar says.

He has always been a big fan of applied science, which helped him become not only a successful tech company leader but also an inspiring lecturer at Sofia University, one of Bulgaria’s leading institutions.

“As an alumnus of Sofia University, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, it is one of my greatest pleasures and honors to share my knowledge and experience with the students at the university. They help me maintain an always-learning mentality, which I'm glad to say is reflected in Digital Lights' vibrance and culture.”

World-class technology created at Sofia’s innovative tech ecosystem

“Sofia is a vibrant, modern, ever-growing city, actually a great place for entrepreneurs. Here at Campus X, we are surrounded by some of Sofia’s best examples of innovating tech companies and top-notch professionals,”replies Dimitar when asked why he launched his company in Bulgaria’s capital.