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Angelina Markova: finding inspiration within the community

Campus X’s tight-knit community of movers and shakers is what continuously drives us forward. Consisting of 50+ great companies and hundreds of like-minded professionals, our members adhere to common values and make an impact both locally and globally.

Angelina Markova,  a member of the Campus X coworking community
Angelina Markova, a member of the Campus X coworking community

Today, we’d like you to meet Angelina Markova – a Campus X member, who’s in charge of the consulting services company Intelligence in Consulting. Here’s Angelina’s inspiring story and why she joined Campus X.

Helping leaders in the DACH region

Angelina’s company Intelligence in Consulting was established to provide consulting services mainly for the DACH region, using English and German as corporate languages.

“Intelligence stands for data processing, which is the core of my work, as well as the ability to adapt to change,” she says.

“My clients are mid-sized companies. I work with C-level executives and top management, responsible for the companies’ market success. To be specific, my clients include founders who are actively managing their business, investors, CEOs, CFOs, and market developers, among others.”

Angelina helps them on a project base with various tasks such as:

  • Investment memorandums - structuring the communication with different stakeholders to provide accurate and complete information and present financials in an easy to grasp way

  • Building powerful presentations as a door opener for new business opportunities

  • Implementing controlling instruments with leading and lagging indicators to support decision making

„Intelligence in Consulting adds value to our business by providing relevant services in a transparent and structured way and helps us accelerate the decision-making process,” shares Wilfried Frohnhofen, CFO at Deutsche Verrechnungsstelle AG, a company which trusts Intelligence in Consulting on a regular basis.

Embracing challenges

“We don’t talk about challenges, we embrace them. Intelligence in Consulting aims to help clients adapt successfully in alignment with companies’ goals and strategies. Sustaining a friendly and effective communication, as well as staying focused on result-oriented behaviors and implementing the necessary changes is what gives me the feeling of fulfillment I need as a professional,” comments Angelina.

When asked what inspires her daily, she replies without hesitation: “the people I work with.” Adding that the diversity of the tasks and the broad range of services she offers keep her curious and motivated to continue to develop professionally and acquire even more competencies and personal skills.

Part of a community of like-minded professionals

“I chose Campus X as an office space for my consultancy company because I wanted to be among like-minded entrepreneurs, who share common values and help each other on the way to success,” says Angelina.

“To me, the word entrepreneurship is not a career title, but a mindset. Some of the entrepreneurs' key traits and values include staying efficient, adaptive, constantly eager to improve, holding responsibility for one’s actions, and most of all - being responsive to constructive change. Furthermore, seeking market feedback and adjusting to it is important for both startups and the mid-sized companies I provide services to. So, no doubt my company has to possess this spirit, which is also vital to me as a person," she adds.

“In short, I was seeking a particular community spirit and values and I found them at Campus X. That’s why I want to keep being part of this community.”

Angelina believes that giving back to the community is how she can make a meaningful contribution to the ecosystem. Following examples of the way people support each other within the community, she offered pro bono working hours to all Campus X members during the initial national COVID-19 quarantine. Meanwhile, she actively collaborates with other Campus X members, picking their brains regarding her work:

“Having access to smart like-minded professionals, who are always ready to help is invaluable. For example, I recently ran a project through a fellow Campus X member and the Head of Marketing at Codeable -Tina Kesova. Her feedback was unbiased and constructive, helping us to get a fresh perspective and see the big picture. This is the power of community in action.”

Campus X coworking community at our shared spaces

What's next for “Intelligence in Consulting”?

“I’m happy to share that Intelligence in Consulting has recently entered into a partnership with the German language Centre Startgate,” Angelina explains.

Drawing on their teaching experience and expertise in German, the two partners are at the pre-launch phase of a new collaborative project - a German Business Academy. The Academy aims to respond to the needs of companies in Bulgaria, which use German as a corporate language and where German language proficiency is key for the business.

“The Academy will offer customized courses for a wide range of businesses and functional departments within different industries. The goal is to help German-speaking employees to improve their language competencies and deliver the expected quality within their organizations.”

Meanwhile, there is a plan to launch a Financial and Managerial Accounting course, which will be offered on a regular basis.

“Our combined experience of 30+ years encouraged us to build the concept. We’ve received positive feedback from our focus group so we’re looking forward to entering this niche market.”

Want to join Campus X’s vibrant community of great companies and like-minded professionals? Learn more.


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