3+ reasons to choose a flexible office in 2021

2020 was a year of transformation. Despite the challenges, we learned a lot from it. Now it’s time to make the most of the new start we’re given.

To adapt to the evolving world of work and power their businesses, many companies turned to flexible office spaces. Here are three reasons why.

1. Flexible contracts and easy growth

The pandemic exposed a major problem – traditional long lease commitments don’t consider the specific needs of companies. As a result, many organizations remain stuck in unfavorable contracts for years and are thus unable to streamline their expenses and adapt to the changing work environment.

That’s why Campus X provides flexible customized contracts - ranging from just a few days to three years. The best part is that our modular private offices can be transformed along with companies’ changing demands. Thus, our members can easily scale their teams up or down without additional costs.

“Campus X really gave us the flexibility we were looking for in terms of more than a premier office space but also a powerful community and end-to-end services that enabled us to not only set up our first international office but also grow and scale up fast,” comments Kristiana Hadjlarska, Human Resources Business Partner at the Dutch company bunq, which set up its first office in Bulgaria at Campus X.

2. End-to-end office experience

Flexible office spaces have another key advantage over traditional offices – they take care of the hassle and allow companies to focus on what really matters – their business.

Additionally, the cost of rent usually covers overhead costs like amenities, meeting rooms’ usage, Facility and IT management, and others. To put it simply: it’s more cost-effective and efficient to outsource the entire maintenance to a well-managed and reputable flexible office provider.

At Campus X, we offer an encompassing office experience – from fully equipped meeting rooms and inspiring common spaces through fast and reliable Facility and IT services to an award-winning and redundant infrastructure. All of these along with the utilities and free refreshments are included in our plans with no hidden fees or additional costs.

Apart from outstanding facilities, Campus X is an end-to-end ecosystem, providing everything needed for companies’ success under one roof. Namely:

  • Hub - stellar office spaces and leading services.

  • Capital - bridge to funding and leading mentors. The two leading investment funds in CEE - LAUNCHub Ventures and Eleven Ventures are based on-site at Campus X.

  • Talent - HR, Talent, and Upskilling services by our trusted partners and industry leaders – BICA Services, and Telerik Academy.

  • Community - a melting pot of movers and shakers, who achieve major successes together.

3. Powerful community

Having your own traditional office has one key disadvantage – you’re all alone. At Campus X, we’re big believers in the power of a carefully curated community, where companies achieve major successes together. Home to 50+ innovating companies, we’ve created an environment, where our members can share know-how and help each other grow.

As our members - the fast-growing scaleup Gtmhub - share:

"Joining the vibrant community of Campus X opened doors to many new opportunities and successful collaborations for Gtmhub. It's no secret that some of the most inspiring and promising companies are building their products and services at Campus X. We just knew that we should join too.”

Staying safe in the new normal

Last but not least, the current situation requires flexible office operators to implement the highest-class preventive measures and procedures to keep their communities safe.

At Campus X, we’ve gone far and beyond all health requirements to provision the safest possible work environment for our members. From constant rigorous cleaning and disinfection through weekly onsite PCR tests to premium UVC lamps and air purifiers. As a testament to our continuous efforts, Campus X’s has become the first office space in Bulgaria to be awarded the prominent COVID Shield Certificate, which represents the highest level of safety by the independent Certification Body TÜV AUSTRIA.

“I can safely say that the Campus X team’s systematic approach and dedicated work make Campus X one of the best-prepared companies we have certified so far,“comments Dimitar Kraev, Managing Partner, TÜV AUSTRIA Branch office in Bulgaria.