3 inspiring interviews with Campus X members in 2020

Although 2020 has been an unusual year, our community kept inspiring us with their achievements.

Let’s embrace the new 2021 with a selection of some of 2020’s most engaging interviews we did with Campus X members who are making a difference through constant innovation.

1. Pollenity: saving bees and beekeepers

Back in March, we spoke to Pollenity, who have set out on a mission to save the honeybees and support beekeepers through the use of innovative technology.

“Helping bees and beekeepers thrive is not only a mission for us but also an investment in the future of the planet,” comments Stephanie Dimitrova, the Marketing Manager of Pollenity, adding that her team is happy that more and more people realize the importance of bees.

It’s no surprise that Pollenity was included in the “Green Innovators” list by MOVE.BG – an initiative sharing best practices and featuring Bulgarian companies that make an impact in green innovation.

Want to learn more about the team’s motivations, challenges, and future plans? Read the full interview here.

2. bunq: transforming traditional banking

The Dutch company bunq aims to radically change the traditional banking industry and create the bank of “The free”. Two years after its launch, the company became a fully-fledged bank by obtaining a license from the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Since then, bunq’s team has been making life easier for its users across 30 European countries.

“Since the launch in 2012, we've been conquering the world of banking and building a product that breaks so many world-firsts, we've lost count. Freedom of choice lies at the core of what we do. And our mission is to give it to our users,” says the company’s HR Business Partner Kristiana Hadjilarska.

bunq expanded its operations and set up its first office in Bulgaria at Campus X.

“Campus X has been helping us transfer our bunq culture into a vibrant integrated ecosystem and provided us the needed solutions prior to seeing the roadblocks to our operations,” as Kristiana comments.

Learn more about bunq’s unique mission and culture and how they successfully transferred them to Bulgaria.

3. TechPods: winning with transparency