Pollenity: saving bees and beekeepers

The idea was born back in 2013 when the company’s CEO Sergey Petrov decided to become a beekeeper. He started searching for tips and tricks on Google.

But instead, he found grim statistics about domesticated bees’ mortality rates. As a recently graduated engineer at the time, Sergey couldn’t believe that humanity has sent a man on the Moon but was unable to save the bees. That’s how Pollenity (previously known as Bee Smart Technologies) came to life…

What is it like to be a beekeeper in Bulgaria?

“It’s hard. So hard that every day we see Facebook posts of beekeepers trying to sell their apiaries (an apiary is where your beehives are situated), along with their beehives and their bees,”comments Stephanie Dimitrova, the Marketing Manager of Pollenity.