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3 inspiring interviews with Campus X members in 2019

Our community's success is what continuously drives us forward and inspires us to evolve and excel at what we do. Therefore, this year we kickstarted a brand-new blog post series named Movers and Shakers, where we share the inspiring success stories and milestones of the Campus X members.

Read on to explore some of 2019's best stories of companies that are transforming the tech industry through constant innovation.

1. OfficeRnD: Making coworking the way of working

OfficeRnD team at Campus X

We spoke with Miroslav Miroslavov, CEO and co-founder of the award-winning coworking management software OfficeRnD. The company focuses on helping flexible workspace operators manage and grow their business more efficiently. And they do it well since they've won the Startup of the Year award in Bulgaria by the Central Startup Awards and recently attracted new funding of $3M.

When asked why OfficeRnD joined the Campus X community, Miroslav replies: 

“Well, we're on our way to becoming a unicorn so … where else should we be? Jokes aside, as an ex-Teleriker, Campus X was a no brainer. We grew up in these buildings. We grew up with these people, in this community. Now, it’s even more exciting because everyone’s working on something new, something that can change the world.” 

Read the full interview here: OfficeRnD: Making coworking the way of working

2. FindMeCure: Bridging the gap between patients and treatments

FindMeCure team: Bridging the gap between patients and treatments

“I doubt there’s a better motivator than saving and improving human lives at scale,” shares Maya Zlatanova, the CEO of the medical tech company FindMeCure.

The company was originally launched to address a personal problem, faced by Maya. Her sister was suffering from a disease for which no treatment was available yet. So, she decided to look for a clinical trial that could help her out. Later, she met and collaborated with the clinical trial software developers and future co-founders Ivaylo Yosifov (CTO) and Miroslav Valchev (COO). The trio started working towards streamlining the way people access medical treatments in development.

Speaking on how it feels like to be part of the Campus X ecosystem, Maya says:

“It feels like home business-wise. It’s great to be surrounded by other startups and to be able to exchange ideas and support each other.”

Want to read the full interview with Maya, exploring the team’s main motivations, challenges, and key milestones? Check it out here: FindMeCure: Bridging the gap between patients and treatments

3. Coursedot: Making IT trainings more effective

Coursedot team: Making IT trainings more effective

We met with Coursedot's co-founder and CEO Teodor Panayotov who told us the inspiring story of Coursedot and its arduous journey to success. 

“I quit my well-paid job to launch my own company. My wife and family were terrified as our second child had just been born. “ 

That's how Coursedot came to life, soon growing into a leading platform for online training workshops. When asked why the company decided to become part of our ecosystem, Teodor answers without hesitation:

“For me, the key moment is the proximity to leading mentors, and the opportunity to receive timely, meaningful, and down-to-earth advice. “

Curious to learn more about Coursedot’s major challenges and milestones? Check out the full interview here. Coursedot: Making IT trainings more effective

It’s just the start

2019 has almost come to an end. But every end is a new beginning. We'll keep following and supporting our member companies' endeavors. Because we believe that it’s worth sharing the good examples. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our Movers and Shakers blog post series!


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