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VertoDigital: helping companies grow

Why mastering digital marketing and building long-lasting relationships are vital prerequisites for any successful business?


Today we speak with Zoran Arsovski, the CEO of the performance digital marketing consultancy VertoDigital. He tells us why digital marketing matters, what inspires him and his team and how they contribute to the Campus X ecosystem.

From Finances to Digital Marketing

“I have a degree in Finance – graduated during the financial crisis back in 2007/2008 and started working as a Financial Analyst,” shares Zoran.

“But the market was on the edge of collapse. The company I worked for offered me to switch to online marketing. And that’s how I began my digital marketing journey, which I’ve been enjoying ever since (for over 10 years now).”

The skillset gained from his financial educational turned out to be extremely useful.

“I have taken classes in neural network models, which are being deployed by various machine learning models and AI. The latter are also at the base of digital marketing processes and insights.”

Helping businesses succeed

Thinking back of the time he founded VertoDigital, Zoran recalls that the idea was born at Progress, where he was leading a digital marketing team.

“Back then, I realized that our job made a difference for the company. Many other great companies (particularly in the tech sector) were missing out on the opportunity to market themselves effectively.”

These were companies with incredible products and offerings, but insufficient skillset and experience in digital marketing. And this limited their growth potential.

“When Telerik’s founders, Boyko Iaramov, Vassil Terziev, and Svetozar Georgiev, announced the launch of Campus X, I felt it was the right moment to make a change. I followed them and became part of the Campus X community and ecosystem.”

Growing together

“VertoDigital’s biggest success is building and developing a powerful team,” says Zoran.

Obtaining numerous certifications and closing important technological partnerships (like becoming a Google Premier Partner) is an achievement of its own. But being able to utilize these skills as a team and help their clients grow is one of the company’s key differentiators.

“Our belief is that marketing is not just managing budgets, but a combination of good marketing infrastructure and efficient campaign management, which leverage data to accelerate the growth of our clients’ businesses.”

VertoDigital works in close collaboration with many of Campus X’s member companies, including FITE, Gtmhub, OfficeRnD, and others.

“We help them build their marketing infrastructure, collect data, manage their paid channels, as well as increase their organic visibility and take their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts to the next level.”

For example, the company’s ideas are behind some of the search automation projects FITE realized – allowing them to greatly scale their campaigns. VertoDigital has also kickstarted a GivingBack initiative, in which they support Telerik Academy, Eleven’s Visa Innovation Program (both part of Campus X), and AUBG.

“Our culture is rooted in continuous learning, supporting each other and helping others. Constant learning is key - in our job, in our culture, in everything that happens around us, and sharing fuels both our growth as a company and the growth of other Campus X members,” concludes Zoran.

What’s next?

VertoDigital aims to further strengthen its partnership with Google by becoming a certified Google Marketing Platform Partner, which participates in many of the company’s initiatives.

“We have a very strong relationship with Google and together we are working to help our clients. The goal is simple: bringing Google closer to our ecosystem.”


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