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Rebellious Software raised BGN 500K

In a series of blog posts under the theme “Movers and Shakers” we will be sharing the amazing stories and milestones of our members. Read on to learn more about the companies that are transforming industries through constant innovation.

Rebellious Software, whom we are happy to have at Campus X, have just closed a BGN 500K round of funding.

It will be used for the upcoming launch of its first online Collectible Card Game – World of Myths. This is an online game that can be played on both computers and mobile devices and aims to transform the traditional battle genre by empowering the players with greater control.

Rebellious Software was founded in 2017 but the team behind it shares a long history of successes prior to that.

“We started as two software developers winning multiple National Development competitions and the largest hackathon worldwide with over 25 000 participants - NASA Space Apps Challenge in two consecutive years (2013 and 2014). By that time, we had already built a team of great professionals and we wanted to start working on our own ideas. We wanted to create games that make you think while having fun with your friends”, shared Pavel Kolev, a co-founder of Rebellious Software.

Pavel Kolev, co-founder of Rebellious Software. Photo Credit: Jordan Mihajlov,


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