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New Office Relocation Services at Campus X

At Campus X, it’s our mission to provide all prerequisites for success under one roof. At the Campus, you can get a flexible office space and end-to-end services, while receiving access to capital, talent, and a tight-knit community of innovative companies.

If you are ready to rent an office with us and join our coworking hub, we’ve got you covered in terms of relocation too. Our experienced team will manage the whole relocation process from start to finish. Taking care of all the hassle for an efficient and stress-free moving that saves you time and avoids any disruption to your business.

Whatever you need, we deliver

We’ll provide the highest quality of service and help you relocate fast and easily. So that you can relax and focus on what really matters – your team and business.

What we do

  • We start by carefully planning your relocation process. After consulting with you, we set a moving date and take care of everything.

  • Packaging and moving. We pack and unpack your company’s assets with the utmost attention to detail. All furniture and important equipment are labeled and transported to your new office at Campus X. Furthermore, we strictly comply with your privacy needs.

  • Setting up your workspace. We arrange everything to minimize any discomfort during the period of moving. Our teams consult with you and make sure that all equipment is transported and placed in your new office with the utmost attention to detail. Moreover, we organize an on-demand insurance policy for your most fragile assets.

"Office relocations could be a disaster if you don’t have someone who knows exactly how things should be done,” shares Teodora Tsokova, who is an Administrative Manager at our member company Tick42.

Tick42 relocated with the help of Campus X’s experienced team.

“Campus X's expert relocation team took care of everything from start to finish. They delivered the highest quality and provided us with a great and stress-free experience. We're extremely happy with their service," as Teodora shared.

Ready to rent a beautiful flexible office where you and your team will thrive? Benefit from our premium relocation services and will move you fast, easy, and stress-free.


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