New Flex Drop-In plan for tech and non-tech companies and individuals

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread globally, challenging communities and businesses around the world.

To help companies and individual professionals – both tech and non-tech – transition through these turbulent times, we are introducing a temporary Flex Drop-In plan. It will be available to everyone, regardless of their industry.

The plan will allow businesses and people who seek a way to go back to office work or rely on a mix of physical presence and work from home, secure their business continuity, and increase productivity through a flexible and safe office solution.

Flexible workspaces, Campus X, Sofia
Flexible workspaces to suit your needs

Maximum flexibility in challenging times

The new flexible plan provides maximum flexibility and minimum commitment to all businesses or individuals both tech and non-tech - seeking a temporary workplace to avoid disruption, boost productivity, and stay fully operational. Our specially dedicated desks and offices undergo regular and rigorous disinfection and are 100% compliant with all health and safety regulations.

Just drop in and start working in a safe serviced office space in three simple steps:

  1. Send an inquiry

  2. Pay

  3. Start working

Payment is contactless and we require no long-term contracts. So that you can focus on your work, without any bureaucratic hassle.

Your safety comes first

As always, the safety and well-being of our community and the public at large come first. We are strictly following the global recommendations, implementing, and continuously augmenting our preventive measures.

From upgrading our ventilation and air conditioning system to allow the flow of fresh air across the buildings to quadrupling the coverage of cleaning, and providing timely information and support to all our members. More information about the measures we’re constantly augmenting is available here.

In the context of our Flex Drop-In plan, we will keep acting with the utmost attention to detail when it comes to safety while providing regular and rigorous cleaning and disinfection. Moreover, we will continue monitoring for people who don’t feel well or have flu-like symptoms as well as offer non-contact temperature measurement at reception and act upon timely and accordingly. With a 100% focus on ensuring the safety and well-being of all our members.

Premier support for your individual and business operations

Supporting our members every step of the way and ensuring uninterrupted business continuity are the foundation of everything we do.