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3 success stories from the Campus X community (Part II)

Inspired by the milestones of our member companies in 2019? It's been a huge year for our community– from a big acquisition through a major anniversary to new funding. So, without further ado, here’re 3 more stories that are worth sharing:

Telerik Academy

On November 1, Telerik Academy marked a major milestone in its evolution – celebrating its 10th Anniversary. In the past decade, the Academy’s team has been working hard to fulfill its mission – connecting talent, leading organizations and training resources to advance personal development and professional careers and grow the local IT ecosystem.

“100% of our graduates work in tech and 97% live in Bulgaria,"shares Telerik Academy’s CEO, Alexandra Mechkova.

To celebrate its 10th birthday, the Academy organized a huge party, bringing together its community of alumni, partners, and friends.

Apart from its anniversary, Telerik Academy marked a few additional key milestones in 2019:

  • Organized 9 IT career jumpstart programs;

  • Launched the 1st Alpha program for QAs;

  • Introduced the 1st hands-on UX and UI program;

  • Started the 1st Upskill Digital Marketing program;

  • Opened 100+ free programming cohorts for kids across 25 cities;

Curious to learn more? Here’s Telerik Academy’s 2019 in Review. 

Athracian, an American Eagle Company

2019 was a cornerstone year for our member company, which has built a consultancy business around the Sitefinity platform. Athracian was founded by the ex-Telerik employees Georgi Chokov, Peter Marinov and Tihomir Petrov, at the beginning of 2017, and acquired by Illinois based digital agency, two years later.

“We actually see this as the best next step for the company, not really as an exit. We’ve been working with for quite some time now and will have the opportunity to develop the European market and scale the business,” says Georgi Chokov.

So, what’s next for the company? They will continue to establish their service on the European market with plans to turn into an R&D hub for

Rebellious Software

Back in February, the game developing company Rebellious closed a €250K financial round. They used the funding for the upcoming launch of their first online Collectible Card Game – World of Myths. The game transforms the traditional game battles by giving the players more control.

“There is a current gap in our selected market and the investment will help us deliver a strong offer for that gap before anyone else does. We lacked the manpower to execute our ideas, but now we can grow our team and start cooperating with external companies, which will boost the quality of our product,” says Pavel Kolev, co-founder of Rebellious Software.

Commenting on the investment Eleven Venture’s partner Ivaylo Simov, remarks:

“Having Rebellious at Campus X helped us get to know the great team, their commitment, perseverance, and fast progress. We came to appreciate their deep understanding of the gaming sub-sector they are targeting and ultimately convinced us to back a project, we would otherwise shy away from, given our B2B focus.”

The best is yet to come

These examples are only a small part of the inspiring success stories of our community members.

We’re proud to be home to a melting pot of movers and shakers – innovative tech companies that stretch the boundaries of what’s possible and accelerate on their path to growth. It’s worth watching what’s up and coming in 2020.


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