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How your workspace impacts your business?

Sit back for a minute and think of your workspace. Does the environment inspire you and your team or drain your energy? Do people feel happy to show up at the office every day or they can’t wait to leave?

Research shows that physical workspaces affect the way people work. So, what’s the correlation between your office environment and the overall performance and well-being of your employees? Let’s dive right in.

Quality workspaces matter to your business

Why should businesses strive to provide workspaces, which cater to employees’ well-being? It’s simple – people’s satisfaction with their work environment impacts their productivity and loyalty to the company.

Smartly designed offices can tremendously boost the overall employee engagement, performance, and innovation. In fact, professionals who are happy with their work environments are 18% more productive, 30% more attracted to their company over the competition, and 18% more likely to stay at the job, according to research conducted by Gartner.

“The future of work is flexible and workspace design should be a function of this. Moreover, workspace design should create opportunities for innovation and creativity to bloom. We see this transformation in the flexible workspace industry where the office is more than just a physical space, but a space for enhanced productivity, collaboration, and growth,” explains Mihaela Ivanova, a Content Marketing Manager at OfficeRnD, a leading coworking management software that serves 1,000+ flexible workspaces worldwide.

“It’s where beauty and convenience meet to serve coworkers’ day-to-day needs and to enhance employees’ well-being at the workplace. This makes the office environment a key prerequisite for companies to succeed- not only because it impacts employee satisfaction and productivity, but because it helps to attract and retain talent,”she adds.

Campus X’s workspace design, for example, considers the comfort of our members, whereas aiming to stimulate productivity and collaboration between them. We do that by providing colorful breakout areas that nurture the exchange of knowledge and ideas between members from different companies, as well as informal meeting rooms and creative spaces for brainstorming.

At the same time, we try to address the growing need for privacy by providing custom-made and sound-proof phone booths, for example. They are among the most highly appreciated amenities by our members, providing a secluded place to concentrate better and arrange important online meetings and conference calls.

Commenting on the overall experience of moving their team to Campus X, the CTO of FindMeCure, Ivaylo Yosivof says:

“Working from Campus X has brought a massive improvement to our team’s productivity and morale. We now have an amazing office where we don’t have to care about everyday trifles and instead can focus on working towards achieving our mission.”

Attracting and retaining top talent

Attracting and retaining leading professionals is both vital and challenging for most companies. But optimal workspace design may help you achieve your business and HR goals.

There are various factors that play a role in employees’ motivation – from salary to working conditions and the opportunity for learning and career progression. Nevertheless, many companies overlook the power of workspace design. The Property Group whitepaper surveyed over 2,500 public and private sector professionals across New Zealand and these are their findings:

  • 74% say that investing in or upgrading office facilities to better meet their needs can affect their decision to stay at their current job.

  • 75% of professionals across various professions and organizations agree that visible investment in workspace design makes a difference to their feeling of value as an employee.

  • 89% say they highly value areas for social interaction and engagement at their workspace.

At Campus X we focus on providing quality office facilities that meet and exceed our members’ expectations. Furthermore, our goal is to go beyond the physical space and create a powerful well-curated community of like-minded professionals, who have access to industry experts, mentors, investors, and Telerik Academy’s top talent – all of them available under one roof.

“Around 15% of our employees are Telerik Academy alumni. They have both the tech skills needed and the attitude of life-long learners. Most importantly, they get up to speed much faster than most junior developers – in some cases within the first few days,” explains Stoyan Damov, co-Founder and CTO of Tick42.

Adopting a member-centric approach

In today’s innovative environment, most professionals appreciate the possibility to both a focus on their work and exchange ideas with colleagues. Therefore, varied workspaces – with specially designed areas for engagement, collaboration and focused work contribute to increased employee satisfaction.

At Campus X, we strive to provide an outstanding work environment for our members, which includes stunning private and shared offices and common areas. Our private offices can accommodate teams from 10 up to 100+ people, while our shared spaces are tailored to small teams, freelancers and digital nomads. Meanwhile, our common areas bring the community together – a powerful network of fellow-businesses, industry experts, mentors, and investors.

We’ve also created plenty of meeting rooms that are suitable for both more focused work and brainstorming team sessions. Additionally, the kitchens, common areas, and canteens are specially designed to nurture the spontaneous exchange of ideas and know-how – these are the spaces, where people from different companies and teams sit together and mingle.

“Our members are at the center of everything we do. We encourage them to share their feedback and we take into consideration their specific needs. We want to convey that our team is there to support them and provide the best possible experience,” explains Maria Racheva, Community Manager at Campus X.

In conclusion

All in all, modern workplaces are much more than offices. By providing the right environment, you can ensure that your teams have room for both focused work and collaboration. And ultimately this will increase their overall productivity, well-being, and loyalty to the company.

Want to get a feel of the Campus X’s end-to-end office experience? Explore our free trial option and spend a week at our thriving ecosystem.


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