Healee: transforming healthcare through innovation (Interview)

Healee's Co-Founder and COO Josif Dishliev, Campus X, Sofia
Healee's Co-Founder and COO Josif Dishliev

“The pandemic forced people to look for alternative access to everything. Healthcare was no exception - global telehealth adoption and usage skyrocketed,” shares Josif Dishliev, COO and Co-Founder at Healee, a leading telehealth company and member of the Campus X community.

The company witnessed a 10x surge in telehealth consultations and turned into an undisputed leader in the Bulgarian market.

Today we speak with Josif to learn more about Healee’s journey to success, along with the challenges and leadership lessons learned along the way. Let’s get started.

How and why did you launch the company?

The idea behind Healee stems from a common observation that Hristo Kosev (with whom we co-founded the company) and I had about how things work (or don’t work, in a lot of cases) when it comes to something as simple as people finding and seeing the doctor they need.

I grew up in a family of doctors and it always amazed me how often people actually didn’t have a clue what to do when in need of a doctor.

My parents would regularly get calls from relatives, family friends, and acquaintances seeking advice on who the right specialist is, how to get to them and what to do next.

My partner Hristo had observed the same process, mostly from the opposite vantage point - that of the patient.

In 2017, we founded Healee and set out to solve this inefficiency.

Why telehealth? What challenges do you solve for your clients?

Healee started out as a platform that helped patients and physicians connect and communicate - we enabled patients to find the doctor they need, while physicians had the chance to build a virtual practice and provide online consultations to patients.

Soon after we launched Healee and had the opportunity to closely study how both sides use the platform, we realiz