Coronavirus Times: Measures and community successes

The rapid spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has turned into a global health threat, which has also led to Bulgaria declaring a state of emergency. Preceding the latest developments of the situation, we acted fast and carefully planned and implemented several preventive measures to protect our community.

The health and wellbeing of our community and the public at large are our number one priority. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring the coronavirus developments, revisiting existing processes and establishing new ones. But we also believe that even in the hardest of times there is an opportunity – to learn something new, to instill a more creative approach, and to emerge stronger. Our members are the actual proof – we continue to support them every step of the way and celebrate their successes.

Here we’d like to share some of the measures we’ve introduced so far and could be helpful to other organizations, as well as some of the positive news coming from our community.

What precautionary measures did we take at first?

Long before the first confirmed cases in Bulgaria, we implemented the following best practices:

- Quadrupling the coverage of cleaning and disinfection

We’ve supplied additional disinfectants and alcohol-based soaps and increased cleaning of all meeting rooms, common areas, bathrooms, water dispensers, handrails, door handles, etc. Thus, regularly disinfecting the areas and surfaces people have the most contact with. Additionally, we’ve greatly increased the ventilation of all meeting rooms, intentionally sacrificing bookable availability in order to provide fresh air inside, as guided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

- Encouraging prompt reporting on trips and flu-like symptoms

In accordance with WHO’s recommendations, we’ve briefed our Campus X colleagues and encouraged them to report promptly on their and their close relatives’ past/planned trips to countries, including but not limited to the ones affected by the disease. Those who’ve been traveling, have flu symptoms or live with someone with such symptoms, were encouraged to work from home and self-quarantine for 2 weeks to limit any possibilities of a virus spread.

We have also recommended to our member companies to follow the same practices to ensure the safety of our community.

To provide uninterrupted services across domains within Campus X, we have fully segregated two workgroups within our team, one of which takes a two weeks onsite shift, while the other group supports them remotely. Keeping these task forces, completely separate (with no physical contact whatsoever), ensures we do not carry the risk of unnecessary exposure both to our team and all members of Campus X.

- Providing seamless tech experience for remote work

As we have continuously encouraged remote work options, we have also ensured we keep providing a seamless and uninterrupted tech experience to provision business continuity.

These include but are not limited to always-on Internet connectivity and constant power supply to VPN services and additional options to improve remote internal and cross-company collaboration. One example for the latter is free access to Slack’s conference call feature we’ve secured for all our members during the state of emergency.

- Limiting public events and some activities

We have postponed some of our events, and the rest moved online.

For instance,’s meetups are currently being held in the form of webinars, so that everyone can keep learning while staying safe at home. Also, Telerik Academy has temporarily transitioned all its current programs, entrance exams, and events online.

- Providing timely information and support

We have established Slack as a primary communication channel, where we provide timely updates and support to our community.

Augmenting the precautionary measures

After the national state of emergency was declared, we have further augmented some of the protective measures in the previous weeks:

  • Performing complete disinfection of the entire Campus X using a special long-lasting hospital-grade disinfectant.

  • Additionally Increasing the daily ventilation of meeting rooms.

  • Switching all financial transactions to bank transfers.

  • Monitoring for people who don’t feel well or have flu-like symptoms at reception to guarantee the wellbeing of the entire community.

  • Clear and timely communication of the official guidelines and best preventive practices to our members.