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Christmas week at Campus X

The festive mood has taken over at Campus X! From a tasty X-Mas Charity Fair to a fun Campus X-Mas party, we’ve tapped into the Christmas spirit together.

Charity Fair on Monday

We kicked off the week with the second edition of Campus X’s Christmas charity fair!

Our awesome community prepared great homemade food, handmade toys, cards, and many other goods for sale. We had a lot of fun (and cookies) and raised money for causes we care about. From helping elderly people to supporting educational initiatives and children in need. Making the world a better place one step at a time.

Vintage Movie Night on Tuesday

Next, we went for a cozy winter evening with mulled wine and delicious snacks. The lights were dim, the cookies irresistibly tasty and our spirits high. We enjoyed the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”, which was nominated for six Academy Awards. What a better way to spend your Tuesday evening?

Party on Wednesday

After the chilled-out movie night, the Christmas week continued with our Christmas party. We gathered at the Campus X Event Center & Fun Zone to enjoy some delicious cocktails, tasty food bites, and the great music vibes of Emil Prize.

We also played a fun networking game with awesome prizes. There were also some games and an origami workshop for the youngest guests. Everyone brought their smiles, danced, and had some quality time with the community! Long story short, we had a blast last night!

Christmas Sweater day on Thursday

At the end of the week, we boosted the Christmas spirit even further with a day dedicated to the Christmas sweater. We made ourselves cozy in our favorite clothing and took some pictures with the team. The more, the merrier!

Happy holidays!

Are you ready for the holiday season? The end of the year is time for yourself and your loved ones. Relax, recharge and start 2020 inspired and energized. Let’s keep making a difference together!


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