Enterprise Solutions

Seamless end-to-end experience where we facilitate complex enterprise requirements for corporate clients.

Enterprise office

Remove the hassle from procuring complex solutions of enterprise clients.

From ready-to-go and get-down-to business offices to legal and financial advice, access to talent, and recruitment guidance. Everything you need under one roof.

Offsite innovation

Groundbreaking innovation usually happens when your think-tank is extracted from the daily grind of the stereotypical office space. Break the mold of office days and submerge your teams in creative spaces filled with entrepreneurs, domain experts and an unbiased community.

Dynamic overflow

Business may be so unpredictable. One month you are dealing with a team of 30, while the next you must expand to 50.

Worry not about your growing pains - we can accommodate these office space spikes and provision short-term solutions exactly when you need them.

Reserved overflow

Regardless of how well you plan, there will always be "that one time" when you fail to anticipate an event and you need to move a team, unit or a whole department to provide seamless business continuity. Reserve you interim growth needs in advance and don’t lose sleep over it. 

Disaster recovery

53% of organizations can tolerate less than an hour of downtime before they experience a significant revenue loss or other adverse business impact, according to the ESG Research Review Data Protection Survey.

Hedge your business risks with a hot-site.