The X Difference

Campus X provides the ecosystem that helps tech companies accelerate their growth and amplify their global impact.

Boyko Iaramov, Vassil Terziev, and Svetozar Georgiev believe success shouldn’t be coincidental and companies like Telerik – outliers. So, they created Campus X. A unicorn factory providing all key elements for tech companies’ success under one roof. Hub - stellar office spaces and services. Capital - bridge to funding and leading mentors. Talent - access to Telerik Academy’s master juniors. Community - a melting pot of movers and shakers.

We’re building the ecosystem. You power it.


End-to-end experience

Leverage enterprise-class technology and office infrastructure along with top-tier services. From IT and Facility management, access to Talent and HR services, to Legal and Finance consultations and Professional assistants – everything you need in one place.

Tight-knit community

Work alongside smart, like-minded experts, entrepreneurs and innovators, eager to share their expertise and help each other on the way to global success. With a meticulous selection, we make sure members share common values and virtues and are all eager to contribute to the entire ecosystem. ​


Office that helps you attract and retain talent

Enjoy a modern workspace with abundance of light and colorful common areas that nurtures creativity and productivity. An office that your employees would love, and new talent aspire to join.

Bridge to everyone you need to know

Learn from the best. Get access to outstanding mentors and leading experts to guide your long-term vision and strategy and help you accelerate your growth.


Maximum safety and full flexibility

We’re 100% focused on powering your business in times of great dynamics. By offering you the safest possible work environment, combined with all the major benefits of our end-to-end ecosystem. Our month-to-month plans guarantee you minimum commitment and maximum flexibility.


Frequently asked questions

Why choose radiosurgery for my prostate cancer?

  1. It is effective – long term outcomes show very low recurrence rates for low and intermediate risk prostate cancers
  2. It is safe – serious side urinary (2.4%) and gastrointestinal (0.4%) side effect rates are low and comparable to the already historically low rates for IMRT and brachytherapy[3].
  3. It is non-invasive – No cutting, no poking of needles, no insertion of catheters, no anaesthesia required
  4. It is convenient – 5 outpatient treatments each taking up to half-an-hour, done over 1 and a half weeks. Normal life can continue before, during and after.
  5. It is economical even for those without private insurance coverage – Medisave and medishield can be used for most of the treatment cost, with less cash outlay compared to IMRT.

Is MY prostate cancer suitable for radiosurgery?

International guidelines state Prostate Radiosurgery is suitable for low and intermediate risk prostate cancers. It is also a possible option for high risk prostate cancer in patients who are unable to undertake a prolonged course of IMRT or brachytherapy for medical or social reasons[4].

In navigating this choice, it is important to consult a prostate oncologist well trained in all treatment options, especially radiosurgery, to provide a balanced view before settling on radiosurgery.

What are the other treatments used in localized prostate cancer?

Hormone therapy can control prostate cancer and is used together with IMRT in intermediate and high-risk cancers. Because of the high doses used in Prostate Radiosurgery, in some intermediate risk cases, hormone therapy is not needed at all. Radiosurgery can be combined with high risk cases to improve outcomes.

Highly focussed ultrasound (HIFU) or Cryosurgery are not recommended in guidelines as the main treatment for localised prostate cancer, due to the lack of long term data compared to surgery or radiotherapy. Proton therapy potentially spares more normal tissue from radiation compared to photon therapy (IMRT or SBRT), but this is more in the low to moderate dose range. The rectum and bladder adjacent to the prostate can still receive high doses of radiation with proton therapy. There is still a lack of direct comparative studies showing that proton therapy is better than IMRT or Radiosurgery for prostate cancer.

What are the considerations when selecting radiosurgery for my prostate cancer?

Radiosurgery involves delivering extremely high doses of radiation to a focused area. Thus the margin for error is very small and radiation once released cannot be reversed. Hence not only must the Radiosurgeon in-charge be well trained in radiation medicine, he must also have the necessary training in handling the navigational software and radiation delivery equipment, as well as have sufficient clinical experience in giving high radiation doses to different areas of the body. In addition, he needs to ensure that his entire radiation team is well coordinated and familiar with Radiosurgery treatment protocols and quality assurance procedures so that the final result is safe and effective. As the saying goes, we are only as strong as our weakest link.

What's the cost of prostate radiosurgery treatment?

Being an outpatient treatment, Prostate Radiosurgery does not involve hospital stays unlike Robotic Prostatectomy and in most cases Prostate Brachytherapy. Hence, the cost of Prostate Radiosurgery generally is half or less of the above procedures. Furthermore, Medisave and Medishield can be used to cover the majority (80-90%) of treatment cost, with significantly less cash outlay compared to that of IMRT.

Frequently asked questions

What are the contract options, and can I get an office on flexible terms? (Shared)

Our contracts offer great flexibility to match your unique needs. From monthly to longer termed contracts with a special discount of up to 15%, you can terminate any time and choose whatever is right for now. You can also go for the no contract option for full flexibility.

When can I move in?

Our offices are move-in ready. After we make sure we’re a good fit, you are welcome to move in and start working straight away. Just let us know at least one day in advance.

I like working alongside other businesses. Do I have access to your community?

We’re home to leading professionals and 50+ great companies, who share knowledge and experience and help each other on the way to global success. By renting a dedicated desk (s) in a shared office, you’ll have a chance to work alongside, connect, and network with Campus X’s powerful community.

What safety measures do you implement during COVID-19?

Campus X is the first office space in Bulgaria to be awarded the COVID Shield safety certificate by TÜV Austria, which testifies the highest level of safety during COVID-19. We implement unparalleled safety measures – weekly onsite PCR tests, safe and effective UVC lamps and air purifiers, careful signage and guidance, innovative technologies to increase safety, and much more. Learn more.

Can I use a free trial period and how?

You’re welcome to try our workspace for free for 5 days of your choice within a month. Thus, you can experience first-hand what being part of Campus X feels like. All you need to do is request a free trial at least one day prior to your free trial.