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Uncover the true cost of your office operations with Campus X's new calculator

Considering a conventional office vs. a flexible serviced workspace offering? Our newly released and fully customized True Cost of Operations calculator will help you compare the two options, as well as uncover the real price of utilizing your office space.

This interactive and transparent tool is a real game-changer because it helps you find the right office service while saving you precious time and money.

Let’s dive right in and debunk the myth for the conventional office lease.

Flexible office at Campus X, Sofia
Flexible serviced office at Campus X, Sofia

Conventional office vs. flexible serviced office

Let’s start with a quick overview of the two workspace offerings:

1. Conventional office

A conventional or traditional office is a workspace, which is rented directly from a landlord, usually at a price per square meter per year. Conventional offices are normally offered on long-term leasing and might be a good option for businesses looking to rent a long-term office space for their employees.

Yet, it should be noted that traditional offices do not include maintenance costs and other services. The company needs to hire in-house professionals to take care of all the moving pieces when it comes to managing your office operations.

In addition, many other operational expenses and capital investments are not included in the pricing - utilities (e.g. electricity, water, central heating, ISPs, etc.), network infrastructure, power redundancy, and others.

This means that businesses that opt for a conventional office should consider the expenditure, which can vary depending on the size of the space and the work, which must be executed to tailor the workspace to the organization’s ever-changing needs.

2. Flexible serviced office

Flexible serviced offices like the workspaces we offer at Campus X provide spaces with the price being calculated per number of workstations as opposed to square meters of office space. This is more cost-effective as you pay for the exact office space you currently need as opposed to large amounts of space you’re not fully utilizing.

Campus X's offices offer full flexibility and enterprise-level services
Campus X's offices offer flexibility & great services

Also, usually, the pricing plans cover various costly services like water and electricity, Facility and IT management, refreshing beverages for your team, access to collaboration areas and meeting rooms, and many others.

This end-to-end experience takes the pressure off business leaders and provides a complete and hassle-free office experience.

Why the True Cost of Operations Calculator?

By unveiling this powerful tool, we put you in full control and enable an easy, transparent, and effective decision-making process.

Spreading way beyond a simple charge per square meter, we take into account the price of all elements, which should be considered when setting up your office space – e.g., network infrastructure and security, access to recreational facilities, and many others.

"Going back to the various general ledger entries and their part in forming the true cost of your office operations, which spread way beyond a simple charge per square meter, we have developed an interactive model (True Cost of Operations), which provides all our prospective clients with the means to uncover the true cost of utilizing an office space and plan for the future development of their teams," shares our CEO Boyko Iaramov.

"This tool not only allows users to take into account items that are usually not directly associated with running an office but also provides them with valuable insights, tips, and best practices."

As a result, you can quickly, objectively, and most importantly, with complete flexibility make strategic business decisions so as to best align with the dynamics of an ever-changing environment.

Read the in-depth article of our CEO Boyko Iaramov to learn more about the transforming office landscape and the true cost of office operations.

How does the calculator work?

We derive our analysis from the latest available industry data, as well as years of experience with conventional lease models for various clients. Moreover, we combine this with our insights into operating the biggest flexible office space in Bulgaria and the vetted processes and economics by multiple local and international clients.

Do the math and get invaluable insights now.

Entrepreneur in a conference hall at Campus X's meeting room
Flexible working at Campus X, Sofia

How to use it: a 4-step guide

Our tool will deliver a fair and full-fledged expense estimation of the final price you will pay – for a conventional lease vs. Campus X’s flexible end-to-end office experience. Use our tool in four simple steps:

  1. Select the size of your team

  2. Choose a contract duration.

  3. Select all the elements you would like to include in your office offering.

  4. Do the math and see how we compare to conventional office leases.

Want to take a deeper dive?

We can help you decompose even further all components of the true cost of operating an office space. Contact our experts who will be happy to build a detailed analysis and guide you through a comprehensive decision-making process that covers all aspects of Campus X’s immersive office solutions.

Take a data-driven decision, optimize your budget, and enjoy a fully flexible and cost-effective office experience, where everything is taken care of. It’s that simple.

Do the math now and get the best value for money.

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