Safety first during and post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has evolved rapidly, challenging businesses and communities around the world. At Campus X, we believe that this unprecedented collective experience pushes us to reimagine existing processes, adapt to the new normal, and emerge stronger.

The health and safety of our community and the public at large have always been our number one priority. Long before the first confirmed cases in Bulgaria, we implemented the global best practices and various protective measures, which have been constantly augmented ever since.

In the past weeks, we have been working on ways to further build upon the existing rigorous measures and provide the highest level of safety for our members. Campus X is now gradually rolling out brand-new large-scale measures, which are going far and beyond the global and local health organizations’ recommendations.

Campus X - Safe and inspiring office environment
Campus X - Safe and inspiring office environment

Implementing new large-scale measures to ensure maximum safety

Here’s a brief overview of the latest measures we’re implementing in phases to provide maximum safety for our community:

Large-scale reconstruction of Campus X’s HVAC system

We’re currently undergoing a gradual complete reconstruction of Campus X’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system to allow the flow of fresh air across the Campus X buildings (including private and shared offices, common areas, and open spaces).

Ozone-free UVC lamps for safe and effective air disinfection

We’ll be employing premium UVC lamps that are highly effective in breaking down the DNA of micro-organisms and cleaning the air from viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold, and mites. Ozone-free and with no direct emission of UV-C light, they are absolutely safe and highly recommended by local health authorities in the prevention of the spread of pathogens and airborne viruses.

The UVC lamps will be gradually placed across Campus X’s meeting rooms, offices, and shared spaces. They’ll be working 24/7 and the air will be thoroughly disinfected every 2 hours.

High-class air purifiers to greatly improve the quality of air

To provide even cleaner and fresher air across our buildings, we will employ a leading air purification technology.

The technology uses a safe and short electrical discharge to create dual polarity ions (positive and negative) and disperse them into the air. The ions attach to the surface of air pollutants, such as bacteria and viruses, and eliminate them. The result is cleaner, fresher air.

The purifiers will be gradually placed across Campus X’s meeting rooms, offices, and shared spaces. They’ll be working 24/7 and their filters will be changed regularly.

Existing preventive measures, undergoing constant augmentation

Campus X does and will keep doing everything in its power to provide an environment of maximum security and safety.

We’ve implemented and are continuously augmenting our protective measures. Here’s a brief overview of some of them:

Rigorous cleaning and disinfection

  • We’ve been working with a leading cleaning service, renowned for its spotless reputation, high standards, and the utmost attention to detail. 

  • We’re continuously performing a supplementary cleaning/disinfecting of all meeting rooms and common areas (receptions, phone booths, shared spaces, kitchens, fun zone, elevators), as well as high-touch areas (bathrooms, water dispensers, handrails, lift buttons, and door handles).

  • We perform daily rigorous cleaning and disinfecting of all floors with supplementary stronger long-lasting disinfectants. 

  • We’ve greatly increased the ventilation of all meeting rooms, allocating free slots between meetings in order to provide fresh air inside. 

  • We’ve put in place rigorous cleaning and disinfection of all private and shared offices in compliance with all global recommendations.

  • Once a month, we perform thorough disinfection of the entire Campus X (including office spaces), using a special long-lasting disinfectant. This is the same highest level of disinfection hospitals go through. 

  • We’re performing thorough regular antimicrobial disinfection of all air-conditioning systems at Campus X (chillers, HVAC systems, etc.).

Supplementary precautionary measures 

  • Careful guidelines and signage at Campus X encourage and help members adhere to health authorities’ recommendations and best practices.

  • Providing timely information and support to our community via Slack, which was established as our primary communication channel.

  • No physical events will take place at Campus X until further notice.

  • Introduced contactless printing on all Campus X printing devices, allowing authentication to the printer with access token only, without touching the device.

  • Continuously supplying the security and reception staff with protective masks and gloves. Also, they are currently not using public transport to and from work (for those without a car, we’ve provided taxi vouchers).  

  • Placing additional disinfectants in all common areas. 

  • All packages that are received at the Campus X reception are being disinfected before we contact receivers for pick-up.

  • The onsite canteen Eddy’s Kitchen will work as per national regulation.

Maximum safety during and post COVID-19

Our efforts are and will continue to be 100% focused on our community’s safety and undisrupted business continuity. 

We adhere to and go beyond  the  world’s  best safety practices to reimagine  and improve existing office experiences. Thus, we aim to ensure the highest level of safety and power businesses’ success in the new normal.

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